National Trails Day 2014

We had a fantastic turnout on National Trails Day!


Muscle Powered, Graceworks, Great Basin Institute and Starbucks volunteers (Thank you for the morning coffee!) showed up at the Waterfall Trailhead early Saturday morning to work on the Ash Canyon to Kings Canyon Trail. At the sign-in table volunteers were issued hard hats and were able to grab a bit of swag provided by Clif Bar through IMBA’s Clif Bars for Trail Work Days, and Adventure Medical Kits from the American Hiking Society. After sign-in and a bit of mingling, volunteers loaded up in vans provided by Carson City and Capitol Automotive and shuttled up to the worksite.


At the worksite Muscle Powered Senior Crew Leader Oliver Lieder conducted a safety talk and tool demonstration before sending crews off to work.


Crews lead by Ward Knous and Toby Welborn took the most difficult terrain, a steep cross slope with plenty of rock , which kept the crew busy the whole day, while crews lead by Mark Kimbrough, Oliver Lieder and Jeff Potter worked on slightly easier terrain. Keith Conrad lead our rock crew whose task was to pull rocks off the side slope, placed there during previous construction, and haul them to Church Bells Ravine to be used as rip rap.


This was the first time we’ve partnered with Graceworks, and I believe this was the first time they’ve worked on trail as an organization. It was wonderful to work with a dedicated group of hard working individuals, from ages 6 to 80, all in an effort of enhancing the community we live in.

Totally awesome Jenny! She brought MP and GW together. Thank you!

Great Basin Institute started working on Ash to Kings back in late 2012. In 2013 they worked a full season and built 2 miles of trail in the middle section of the alignment. In 2014 GBI conducted crew orientation, along with a couple of hitches, and together with Muscle Powered has built 4,000ft of trail since May 1st of this year. To have GBI with us on NTD was extra special. It gave everyone a chance to talk with the crews who are helping to build our trail, plus they’re a great bunch of people to hang around with.

Britney form GBI

We broke for lunch at 11:45 which was made by Comma Coffee provided by a generous donation from longtime trail supporters Galena Fest and Eagle Vision. Thank you!!!!!!

CJ working on the trail

After lunch we worked for a couple more hours. By 1:45 Mark and Oliver’s crew had finished their sections and moved up the trail to help the other crew leaders. At the end of the day crews had built 1,075ft of new trail!

Billie and Rex inspecting the sweet single track


We regrouped one more time, counted tools and took one last group photo before heading home. On the way out it was impressive to see the work Keith’s crew did with the rip rap.

Keith at Church Bells Ravine

Thank you to all who made this the best NTD ever!!!

Alex and Jeremy

Nathan and Isaac

2014 Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge Final Results

Another great competition! Thank you to all who participated. We hope you enjoyed the Challenge and that you continue riding your bike to work.

Total Miles: 4,397.5
Total Trips: 680

Calories Consumed at the Bike to Work Week Party: 300,000 I guess we have to continue riding to work this week, too.

Total Calories Burned: 175,910
CO2 offset by cycling vs. Driving (pounds): 2326,89

Public Agency

Highest Milage
NV Guard 1006.9
NDOT 912.2
NDETR 293.1

DHHS 257.4
WNC 187.48
USGS 169
DHRM 140.47
NSOS 121.29
NV Magazine 95

“Riding the cruiser up the hills to WNC to pick up the kiddo was an unexpected workout.” USGS

Most Trips
NDOT 104
NV Guard 74

NV Magazine 15

“Jeez they like to tally in Fridays!! One more guys!” DETR

Highest Average
NV Magazine 19
NV Guard 16.78
DHHS 12.87

DHRM 9.63
WNC 9.37
NDOT 8.69
NDETR 8.37
NBWQ 6.4
NSOS 4.85

“This is way harder than delivering mail.” USPS

Private Business

Highest Milage
Sierra Controls, LLC 430
Allison MacKenzie 231.54
Lumos & Assoc 225.1

Resource Concepts,Inc 85
Diablo Industries 79
Redrock Dental 28.07

“Thank you for the updates on the teams to include the reduced footprint. Love that feature.” Allison MacKenzie

Most Trips
Sierra Controls, LLC 68
Allison MacKenzie 48
Resource Concepts,Inc 34

Lumos & Assoc 32
Redrock Dental 9
Diablo Industries 8

“Thank you! What a wonderful week for riding!
This morning I took the long way to work because with all the flowers blooming I just could not get enough. Even talked Zoey into riding to school today!! Thank you so much for putting on this event.” Resource Concepts, Inc

Highest Average
Diablo Industries 15.80
Lumos & Assoc 9
Sierra Controls, LLC 8.6

Resource Concepts,Inc 8.5
Allison MacKenzie 4.63
Redrock Dental 1.87

“Fun fun fun!” Nevada Magazine

Carol’s Ride to Work

Corporate Challenge Results Thursday

Total calories burned: 122,230.4
Pounds of CO2 offset: 1,616.83

Quote of the week: “I’ve learned not to put chapstick on before heading into Washoe Valley. The gnats are hatching and it’s like turning your lips into fly paper.” – Carol (Allison MacKenzie)

Public Milage
Nevada Guard Rough Riders 691.3
NDOT 584.2
DHHS 219.4
DETR – Cyclepaths 130.3
USGS 130
DHRM – Team Riding Once a Year 108.12
Nevada Magazine 85
NV Secretary of State 75.54
NV Bureau of Water Quality Planning 66
Western Nevada College 52.99
USPS Newmans 44

Private Mileage
Sierra Controls, LLC 332.5
Allison MacKenzie 197.34
Lumos & Assoc 191.5
Resource Concepts, Inc 70
Diablo Industries 57
Redrock Dental 20.57
CV Sports 0

Public Trips
DETR – Cyclepaths 56
Nevada Guard Rough Riders 50
NV Secretary of State 30
USPS Newmans 24
DHRM – Team Riding Once a Year 18
NV Bureau of Water Quality Planning 13
Nevada Magazine 12
Western Nevada College 5

Private Trips
Sierra Controls, LLC 56
Allison MacKenzie 39
Resource Concepts, Inc 28
Lumos & Assoc 27
Diablo Industries 6
Redrock Dental 5
CV Sports 0

Public Average Mileage per Rider
Nevada Magazine 85.00
Nevada Guard Rough Riders 57.61
DHHS 54.85
DHRM – Team Riding Once a Year 36.04
NV Bureau of Water Quality Planning 33.00
NDOT 27.82
DETR – Cyclepaths 18.61
USGS 18.57
NV Secretary of State 15.11
Western Nevada College 13.25
USPS Newmans 11.00

Private Average Mileage per Rider
Diablo Industries 57.00
Lumos & Assoc 38.30
Resource Concepts, Inc 35.00
Sierra Controls, LLC 33.25
Allison MacKenzie 19.73
Redrock Dental 6.86
CV Sports 0.00

Corporate Challenge Results as of Wednesday

Thank you all for coming out for a great cruiser ride!! (The little girl had a melt down half way through, sorry I missed out on the ending.) – Toby

We are at 85,276 total calories burned and 1,128 lbs of CO2 offset.

Toby’s favorite text during Bike to Work Week – “I made you a mixed tape. I hope you like it.”

Jeff’s favorite text during Bike to Work Week – “It’s amazing the things you see when you ride your bike.”

Texts provided by Deirdre.

Check out Deirdre’s commute to work HERE.

Team Total Mileage

Nevada Guard Rough Riders 453.5
NDOT 391.8
Sierra Controls, LLC 243
DHHS 168.4
Lumos & Assoc 159.8
Allison MacKenzie 146.14
DETR – Cyclepaths 130.3
USGS 105
DHRM – Team Riding Once a Year 70.5
NV Secretary of State 59
Resource Concepts, Inc 45
Western Nevada College 43.64
Nevada Magazine 41
Diablo Industries 36
USPS Newmans 27
Redrock Dental 11.82
CV Sports 0
NV Bureau of Water Quality Planning 0

Team Total Trips
DETR – Cyclepaths 56
Sierra Controls, LLC 42
Nevada Guard Rough Riders 33
Allison MacKenzie 30
Lumos & Assoc 20
NV Secretary of State 19
Resource Concepts, Inc 18
USPS Newmans 16
DHRM – Team Riding Once a Year 11
Nevada Magazine 6
Diablo Industries 4
Redrock Dental 3
Western Nevada College 2
CV Sports 0
NV Bureau of Water Quality Planning 0

Team Average Mileage per Participant
Nevada Guard Rough Riders 45.35
DHHS 42.1
Nevada Magazine 41
Diablo Industries 36
Lumos & Assoc 31.96
Sierra Controls, LLC 24.3
DHRM – Team Riding Once a Year 23.5
Resource Concepts, Inc 22.5
NDOT 18.66
DETR – Cyclepaths 18.61
Allison MacKenzie 14.61
NV Secretary of State 11.8
Western Nevada College 10.91
USPS Newmans 6.75
Redrock Dental 3.94
CV Sports 0

Team Calories
Nevada Guard Rough Riders 18140
NDOT 15672
Sierra Controls, LLC 9720
DHHS 6736
Lumos & Assoc 6392
Allison MacKenzie 5845.6
DETR – Cyclepaths 5212
USGS 4200
DHRM – Team Riding Once a Year 2820
NV Secretary of State 2360
Resource Concepts, Inc 1800
Western Nevada College 1745.6
Nevada Magazine 1640
Diablo Industries 1440
USPS Newmans 1080
Redrock Dental 472.8
CV Sports 0
NV Bureau of Water Quality Planning 0

Ray Rickard 8/4/1948 – 5/3/2014

Our friend Ray Rickard, bicyclist, trail builder, and all-around good guy passed away on a cross country bicycle tour last week. We will miss him. Here are soPhoto by Jenny Haasme memories:

From Jeff Potter

It’s hard to believe that my friend Ray is gone. The last I heard from Ray was several days ago after he received a trail work e-mail. He said he was on a ride across the USA and looked forward to trail work when he returned. Ray donated quite a bit of his time working on the Ash to Kings Canyon Trail. Everybody that has worked on the trail works hard, Ray took it to the next level. The guy was a machine. Ray did everything, clearing corridor, tread prep, rock work and finishing. He put his stamp on the trail. Some of my best memories are just the two of us working on the trail, quietly working for hours, then taking a lunch break overlooking Carson City, discussing trails, family, bike rides, politics, retirement, and everything in between. As his loss sinks in the days get more painful. I’m thankful for the time I spent with him over the years and especially the past two years as he became more involved with the trail project. Though he is gone, I know when I hike the new trail there will be areas that are just that much more special because my friend Ray was here. Thank you Ray

From Tim Rowe

I lost a good friend last week, my son Christopher lost his pseudo Grandpa and Carson City lost a good citizen and bicyclist. Ray Rickard died in his sleep last Saturday morning in Elk, OK. He was doing one of his dreams – riding across country. He had just completed day 13 of the 30 day adventure. I wish I had done the ride with him, as it is also a dream of mine. Yes, I had retired too but went back to back work and luckily in a bicycle job. I have known Ray for over 25 years and have ridden many miles with him or behind him. I think I first met him with Carson City Cycle People (CCCP). We always started together, rode together or did our pace but we always regrouped at the end and were even better friends every time. We have done so many rides; the Chico Wildflower, the Delta, the Wine Country, Sweetwater, Fallon No-Hill 100, Death Valley, Solvang, Shasta, Crater Lake and Fall River to name a few century rides. But we also did the Davis Double and the Terrible Two and the week-long Cycle Oregon. The ride with the most memories and stories was “Death Valley-The Hot One”. Ray and another good friend John started the century at Furnace Creek at 9:00 pm and it was still 120 or so (the temperature gets hotter as the years go on). Ray started the ride with a flat but that never phased him and we all went on. We rode to Badwater in a horrific head wind, like riding into a hair-dryer the whole way in the moon light and turned around at 50 miles to still have a head wind – getting back at 5:00am – still 98 degrees. That was the most dangerous ride we ever did due to the very low humidity and keeping your fluids and senses up but that ride had the most story telling.
Ray also helped the Alta Alpina Cycling Club (AACC) and even served on the Board of Directors when I was President. He really didn’t want to be Secretary but he did it for his friend and did it well. Ray also help on many AACC events over the years – The Death Ride, Pinenut Cracker Mountain Bike race, The Carson Valley Classic Race series, weekly road and mountain bike rides, Cyclocross races, and now the Alta Alpina Challenge. Ray was also involved with the Lake Tahoe Mountain Bike Patrol and helped so many riders on the trails over the years. After retirement Ray really kicked in helping with trail building with Muscle Powered. Ray was great with helping kids with the Ski Program and taught my son how to ski and later how to mountain bike ride.
He also helped with Boy Scouts and was involved with Troop 341 with his son Jarrod and later he helped my son with his Pinewood Derby cars and bicycle rodeos. Ray and Char always supported our son and came to so many events, including Christopher’s play at Jacks Valley School and Mulan at the BAC right before he left on his last adventure.
Ray was always there and always with his huge smile, a positive & honest attitude and tons of patience! Ray was a great person to talk with as he always had an opinion but always listened to the other guy. Ray was a huge source or information and did his research and trials with many bicycles in his collection. You could ask Ray anything and he could tell you anything– like on recumbent and now electric bicycles. Many great conversations keep us all awake driving back after many rides. Ray you will be missed but thanks for the memories and pulls in the Paceline of life! We know we will meet and ride again!


To All Muscle Powered members looking for a way to volunteer and have a FUN experience:


The very popular 3rd and Curry Farmer’s Market starts Saturday June 7 and so does the Muscle Powered Bike Valet. Our bike valet has grown in popularity year after year with more and more folks riding their bikes to the event. The bike valet raises our profile in the community, increases our memberships and provides monies for our trail building effort.

Staffing the bike valet is a highlight for those who volunteer. If you would like to join the volunteers please let us know. The normal
commitment is for 5 hours, but if you can only give a few hours, you’re still welcome to sign up.

To sign up for one or more of the days listed below – please contact Candice Chartraw at or 775-885-0980.

Here are the available volunteer Saturday dates:
Hours are 8:30a-1:00p
June 7,14,21,28
July 5,12,19,26
August 2,9,16,23,30
September 6,13,20

Check out the Farmers Market website at

2013 Trail Building Season Year End Review

Evening Trail Crew at Jane’s Rock – September 2013

Photo by Jenny Haas
Ray Rickard at the Carson River Trail workday. photo by Jenny Haas
April – 1200ft
We started the season off in April working a couple of days on the Carson River trail located at the Morgan Mill boat ramp. Muscle Powered volunteers built 1200ft of trail along the Carson River connecting the boat ramp to the Deer Run Rd bridge.

Muscle Powered Senior Crew Leader Oliver Lieder at OliMax Rock

May – 675ft
The Ash Canyon to Kings Canyon trail season started May 1st. May had us finishing up where we left off in 2012, completing the OliMax rock and building up to Tomanda’s Beer Rock. It was also good to see Jeremy Vlcan from CVTA take time from his busy schedule to help us on one of our first evening work nights of the season.

We also had a big win in May. Muscle Powered was awarded top honors in the RTP grant 2013/14 cycle. We requested $10,000 for the purchase of tools, but were given an additional $2500 for more tools. $12,500! Sweet! Thank you Jenny!!!

Peter turn 4
RTP committee member Peter Axelson railing turn 4 during our RTP committee field trip

June – 1400ft
National Trails Day kicked off June with 28 people showing up to build trail. We saw a lot of familiar faces, as well as new ones, this day but it was especially “cool” to have Parks & Rec director Roger Moellendorf and Open Space manager Juan Guzman out on the mountain getting their hands dirty with us. We built 500ft of trail on NTD!. Our biggest trail day to date!

National Trails Day

June was a busy month for us as we had Redrock Dental, TAMBA and Troop 16 join us for a few hours of quality work. We also hit the 1 mile mark at the end of June.

Redrock Dental-June 28th

TAMBA-June 14th

Troop 16 – June 23rd

July – 175ft
In July we made it to 4th of July Rock. Named after the day we started construction around the rock. Oli and Ward set the keystone, and 5 weeks later it was completed. It could be the longest time we’ve spent in one location. (Turns 1 and 2, and the wall connecting them, and the Big Ravine, both took 4 weeks to build).

Oliver Lieder starting construction at 4th of July Rock.

Rex at 4th of July Rock

August – 800ft
Once past 4ofJR things moved a little quicker, and a gentle slope helped. Then there was the Rim Fire. Bringing smoke into the area which created unhealthy work conditions. Volunteer turnout lowered to 1-3 individuals for about 3 weeks.

The City is barely visible through the smoke.

September – 1100ft
By September crews reached the Carson City viewpoint. The view point is located between Ash Canyon and Taylor Spring and gives trail users their first full view of the city.

CC Viewpoint

To fulfill our grant match requirement from the RTP awarded to Muscle Powered in May, crews worked on a few of the turns built by the NCC crew in August. The turns were well constructed, we just needed to tweak them a bit. We added another rock layer to the lower leg of the turn and increased the radius of the upper leg, making the turns resemble our turns in Ash Cyn.

By mid September the smoke had cleared and volunteer turnout increased greatly. At the end of the month we made it to the saddle between Ash Cyn and Taylor Spring, and the start of an old roadbed.

Nate Harrison, Conner McCrae, Robert Rigsby, Tobin and Brian McCrae.

October – 1900ft
October was all gravy. I thought we would make it to the saddle by the end of the season but because of all of our great volunteers we were a month ahead of projections. Utilizing the old roadbed as part of the trail alignment really helped things move fast and the Tahoe Mountain Milers helped make that happen. TMM helped throughout the season but really pulled through in October. Thanks TMM! The Bike Smith day was a huge success! We had 25 people turnout to help build 450ft of trail on a steep cross slope. It was great to work with the guys from the shop. We’ve been talking about organizing a workday for a while but weren’t able to make it happen ’til the end of the season. I’m looking forward to more TMM and TBS workdays in the future. Our last big day of construction was a TAMBA/MP build day. We had 17 volunteers help build one rock wall, finish 300ft of trail, and start construction of the lower leg of the next turn. It was great to have TAMBA’s Kevin Joell on the last day guiding us through our first switchberm.

TAMBA’s Kevin Joell placing rocks on the lower leg of the switchberm.

Shannon and Chloe Hataway on the old roadbed.

Bike Smith Day

Retired Crew – 600ft
In June our retired crew, led by Ward knous, continued construction (started last year by Troop 16) on the private property section off Waterfall Rd. They would build once or twice a week through the rest of the season finishing approximately 600ft of trail. There is about 1200ft left to complete to connect the two NCC sections. Nice work guys!

Retired Crew – Alan, Kevin and Ward scouting for future connections.

2013 Trail Stats:
123 work days
2,758 Hours
7,000ft of trail

Bob Rigsby
Top Dog Robert Rigsby modeling the safety glasses donated by Eagle Vision.

Top Dog Continue reading