Corporate Challenge 2014

To enter the Carson City Corporate Challenge, please send an email, and include the following information:

* Company, Agency Name

* Contact information – E-Mail and Phone # of team contact

When: The Corporate Challenge runs during Bike to Work Week, May 12th – May 16th.
Who: Anyone may enter!
Two Divisions: Private Business and Public Agency


* Total miles

* Number of trips

* Avg team miles

There is no rider limit for the 2014 competition.

* Riders may ride as many or as few days as they wish.

* Total Miles: Miles ridden to work and back may be counted. Miles ridden at lunch for dining or errands may be counted. If you ride with your children to school you may include one mile to your company’s daily total. Recreational ride mileage may not be counted!

* Trips: The ride to work and back is one trip. An errand or ride to lunch is considered one trip. You may include riding to and from school with your children as one additional trip.

* Average Team Miles: Total miles for each day will be averaged with total number of team riders. For example, seven of the eight riders on team USPS ride a total of 25 miles on Monday. The total miles ridden are divided by the number of team riders, therefore the Monday Average Team Miles, rounded to the nearest hundredth, for the USPS team is 3 miles. The team with the most miles in this category is the winner.

* Alternative Transportation: One of the goals of Bike to Work Week is to encourage alternative transportation. Therefore, walking, public transportation, and multi-mode transportation will be allowed. Bicycle trips and bus/auto trips may be combined for one trip; for example, taking the bus half way to work and riding the rest of the way. However, bus/auto mileage cannot be added to your team’s total mileage.

* In the event of a tie the total age of participating employees will determine the winner.

Have Fun!

2014 Teams

CV Sports
Nevada Guard Rough Riders
Sierra Controls, LLC

2 thoughts on “Corporate Challenge 2014

  1. so bummed no solo riders this year! :-(…but glad there is the challenge. I’ll still ride and keep track of my millage and pretend that I’m involved. lol…

  2. Danny, you can still participate. You just have a team of one, and compete against the other teams. You also will receive a higher mileage per team member this way.

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