Trash Mobs Get Some Local Air Time


A Reno radio station (KOH 780 AM) picked up the story about the Trash Mob and called for an interview. The links below are clips that the radio station aired Tuesday, August 11th throughout the day. They have asked to repeat the process each month, a week prior to the scheduled Trash Mob to give the project more air time.

KOH 780 AM Trash Mob Clip 1

KOH 780 AM Trash Mob Clip 2

August Trash Mob


Who: Anyone can participate

What: Clean up trash

When: Saturday, August 15th from 8:00 am – 9:00 am

Where: Lone Mountain Trail – Meet up at the parking lot located on the southwest corner of Northridge Dr and New Ridge Dr

Why: To make Carson City cleaner and safer for hiking and biking.

From the trail head we’ll make our way down the short trail, cleaning up trash along the way. We’ll be bagging the trash and staging it in the parking lot. I’ve coordinated with Carson City Parks & Rec to come by and remove the trash once we’re done. As last time, I’ll have trash bags, work gloves, and bottled water available for everyone.


“Trash Mob” a monthly event with the goal of keeping local walking and biking paths clear of trash.The idea behind Trash Mobs is similar to the popular flash mobs where a group of people gather in a public place and perform some pre-arranged task for a brief time before dispersing. Trash Mobs will involve collecting trash at a designated location for one hour. Trash collection will make the area safer and healthier for walking, biking and recreation.

To get the Trash Mob notice on your Facebook timeline, just “like” any of the following Facebook pages; Muscle Powered, Carson City Parks and Recreation, Carson Proud, Carson City Chamber of Commerce, Visit Carson City, or Carson City Public Works.

Please see a full article and photographs on and search for volunteers 

Carson City Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge Results

Wow! We had another great year.  Wind. Rain. Snow in the mountains.  We should move Bike Month to a warm weather month.  January?

Thanks to all off you who participated in making this a great event.  Special thanks to Toby Welborn for computing all the miles and trips the teams send in, and for going the extra mile and breaking it down into calories burned and our carbon offset.

Total Calories Burned: 112,403.2
CO2 Offset by Cycling vs Driving (pounds): 1,486.84
Total Miles – 2,810
Total Trips – 566

Sierra Controls, LLC


Highest Mileage


Sierra Controls, LLC 220
Allison MacKenzie 92
Resource Concepts, Inc 60
Redrock Dental 17
DITF (Diablo Industries Thin Film) 9
Lumos & Assoc 6


Nevada Guard Rough Riders 947
NDOT 508
DHHS-Healthy Riders 263
DETR – Cyclepaths 195
Western Nevada College 177
OTR 162
Bureau of Water Quality Planning 75
USPS Newmans 61
Nevada Magazine 36
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation 17

Most Trips
Allison MacKenzie SWAG


Allison MacKenzie 51
Sierra Controls, LLC 41
Resource Concepts, Inc 22
Lumos & Assoc 8
Redrock Dental 6


DETR – Cyclepaths 98
Nevada Guard Rough Riders 85
USPS Newmans 40
DHHS-Healthy Riders 31
Bureau of Water Quality Planning 29
Western Nevada College 22
OTR 21
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation 13
Nevada Magazine 12

Highest Average 


Sierra Controls, LLC 2.2
Resource Concepts, Inc 1.33
Allison MacKenzie 0.88
Redrock Dental 0.85
Lumos & Assoc 0.3
DITF (Diablo Industries Thin Film) 0.3


Nevada Guard Rough Riders 3.79
Western Nevada College 2.21
DHHS-Healthy Riders 2.1
OTR 2.1
NDOT 2.03
Bureau of Water Quality Planning 1.5
Nevada Magazine 1.2
DETR – Cyclepaths 0.87
USPS Newmans 0.61
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation 0.27

Bike to Work Week 2015
WNC Team

Bike to Work Day

May 15th is Bike to Work Day, and also the final day of Bike to Work Week. This morning, several Carson City coffee shops gave away free coffee to bike commuters willing to brave the weather. The Corporate Bicycle Commuter Challenge is now in its 5th day. As of Thursday evening, the Nevada Guard Rough Riders are leading the mileage category with 617.2 miles logged. The DETR Cyclepaths are leading the trips category with 86 trips made by bicycle. There’s just one more day to rack up the miles and trips, and the winners will be announced tonight at the Bike to Work Week Party at the Firkin and Fox. More stats of the challenge can be found below.


Although the weather isn’t cooperating for outdoor activities, we’re still going forward with the party! Weather permitting we’ll have the party on 3rd Street, but if it’s raining, we’ll bring the party to the deck and inside the Firkin and Fox. Carson City’s Trippin King Snakes are ready to perform for the crowd, and we have lots of great prizes to raffle off. Proceeds from the raffle will go to benefit Muscle Powered. Thanks to all the donations and volunteers, Muscle Powered has helped move the city forward to a better bikeable and walkable community.

Bike to Work Week Party
There will be bike games at the party, weather permitting.

Party Info

  • The party starts at 5:30 PM at the Firkin at Fox, 310 S Carson Street.
  • Raffle tickets are 1 for $2, 6 for $10, and 15 for $20.
  • The High Sierra Brewing Company is donating beer for the party. HSB Beer sales will go to Muscle Powered. As a bonus, you will get a raffle ticket with each beer you purchase!
  • Dance to the music of the Trippin King Snakes.
  • There will be helmet decorating for the kids again this year.
  • Winners of the Corporate Bicycle Commuter Challenge will be announced.

Raffle Bikes
Win this bike!


The Bike Habitat has helped Muscle Powered acquire a men’s and a women’s cruiser bike. Two lucky raffle winners will take these bikes home. In addition to the bikes, we have several hundred dollars worth of merchandise and gift certificates to give away. Bike Habitat has donated cycling merchandise. We also have several gift certificates from Adele’s, Capitol Automotive, Sassafras, and Vitamin Research Products. More prizes tend to trickle in at the party as well.

Raffle Bikes
Win this bike!

Gift certificates
Other great prizes to give away at the party!


Bike to Work Week Party
Music from Trippin King Snakes

Tonight’s party will conclude the official Bike Month activities. We hope everyone has had a good time, and is excited to go enjoy a fun summer of riding in the city and up on the trails! The next big biking event is Blinky Man on June 13th, only a month away!

CC – Thursday

Fun Facts – This week you burned

Total Calories CO2 offset by cycling vs. Driving (pounds)
79100.4 1046.32


Nevada Guard Rough Riders 617.2
NDOT 383
DETR – Cyclepaths 154.94
Sierra Controls, LLC 137.1
Western Nevada College 128
DHHS-Healthy Riders 121.4
OTR 119.2
Allison MacKenzie 90.53
Bureau of Water Quality Planning 66
USPS Newmans 53
Resource Concepts, Inc 48
Redrock Dental 17
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation 16.6
Nevada Magazine 12
DITF (Diablo Industries Thin Film) 9
Lumos & Assoc 4.5


DETR – Cyclepaths 86
Nevada Guard Rough Riders 54
Allison MacKenzie 42
USPS Newmans 34
Sierra Controls, LLC 25
Bureau of Water Quality Planning 25
Resource Concepts, Inc 20
OTR 18
DHHS-Healthy Riders 16
Western Nevada College 12
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation 12
Redrock Dental 6
Lumos & Assoc 6
Nevada Magazine 4
DITF (Diablo Industries Thin Film) 0


Nevada Guard Rough Riders 20.57
OTR 11.92
Sierra Controls, LLC 11.43
NDOT 10.94
Western Nevada College 9.85
DHHS-Healthy Riders 8.09
Bureau of Water Quality Planning 7.3
Nevada Magazine 6
Resource Concepts, Inc 6
Allison MacKenzie 5.3
DETR – Cyclepaths 4.8
Redrock Dental 4.25
USPS Newmans 3.12
DITF (Diablo Industries Thin Film) 1.8
Lumos & Assoc 1.5
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation 1.38

“The intoxicating fragrance of the blooming Russian Olive trees is an extra delightful bonus while riding this week!”-Lynn Z RCI

Postal Commute

The Wednesday Commute

Here are a few pics our commuters have sent in documenting their journey to work.  Thanks to all who are braving the elements riding their bikes to work.

Lilly on her way to school – Photo by Mom

East bound
Saddle view – Photo by Dierdre

Tim’s participated in every Challenge we’ve held. He was team leader for USGS and now is team leader for NDOT. Thanks Tim! – Selfie by Tim Rowe