The Wednesday Commute

Here are a few pics our commuters have sent in documenting their journey to work.  Thanks to all who are braving the elements riding their bikes to work.

Lilly on her way to school – Photo by Mom

East bound
Saddle view – Photo by Dierdre

Tim’s participated in every Challenge we’ve held. He was team leader for USGS and now is team leader for NDOT. Thanks Tim! – Selfie by Tim Rowe

Results for Corporate Challenge Wednesday


Nevada Guard Rough Riders 401.84
NDOT 225.00
Western Nevada College 127.00
OTR 98.20
Sierra Controls, LLC 90.10
DETR – Cyclepaths 89.90
Allison MacKenzie 76.73
Bureau of Water Quality Planning 41.00
USPS Newmans 40.00
Resource Concepts, Inc 22.00
Redrock Dental 13.00
Nevada Magazine 12.00
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation 9.60
DITF (Diablo Industries Thin Film) 9.00
Lumos & Assoc 3.00


DETR – Cyclepaths 40
Nevada Guard Rough Riders 34
Allison MacKenzie 33
USPS Newmans 26
Bureau of Water Quality Planning 16
OTR 15
Sierra Controls, LLC 15
Resource Concepts, Inc 10
Western Nevada College 8
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation 6
Redrock Dental 5
Nevada Magazine 4
Lumos & Assoc 2

Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge Tuesday


Rough Riders Bike Parking

loadin' up to get home

Multimodal to Carson. Nice!

“[When it’s windy]… it seems the hills grow higher and the winds are in your FACE no matter which way you turn. How is that possible?!” – Deirdre (muttering to herself on the way home yesterday evening.)

“I had to ride a zig-zag pattern going block by block to try to avoid the wind.”
– Jen K.

CC Results as of Wednesday May 13th

Highest Mileage

OTR 64.30
Western Nevada College 49.00
Allison MacKenzie 31.57
Bureau of Water Quality Planning 26.00
USPS Newmans 25.00
Resource Concepts, Inc 10.00
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation 9.60
DITF (Diablo Industries Thin Film) 9.00
Redrock Dental 9.00  
AllisonMacKenzie 21
USPS Newmans 16
Bureau of Water Quality Planning 10
DITF (Diablo Industries Thin Film) 9
Resource Concepts, Inc 6
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation 6
Redrock Dental 4
Western Nevada College 2


USPS Newmans 8
Allison MacKenzie 7
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation 6
Western Nevada College 6
Bureau of Water Quality Planning 4
Redrock Dental 2
Resource Concepts, Inc 2
DITF (Diablo Industries Thin Film) 1

2015 Carson City Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge

The 2015 Carson City Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge is off to a fine start. Sunny weather with highs in the mid seventies with tailwinds in every direction. Oh, I’m sorry, I’ve been reading the forecast for Santa Barbara. Oh well, at least our weather keeps us on our toes.

Coffee klatch
Allison MacKinzie’s Jennifer and Jonathon showing off their bikes. Photo by Dierdre

“I forgot how pleasant it is to commute to work on a bike. Thanks for getting me back on the saddle.” – Molar Cycler

“Woo HOO! We are tired from riding today after being so lazy from our long winter’s nap.” – Allison MacKenzie

We’ll post the most current results here starting tomorrow morning. Our next Bike Month event will be the West side Cruiser Ride. Meet at the Brewery Arts Center, 449 W. King St., at 6pm Wednesday, May 13th.

Enjoy your commute!

Perhaps one day…

Bike Habitat’s Tour of Carson City 2015

Please join Bike Habitat and Muscle Powered for the 8th Annual Tour of Carson City bicycle ride! May is Bike Month in Carson City, and we’ll be kicking off the festivities with this fun ride on Sunday, May 3rd. Signups are at 9:00 AM, ride begins at 9:30 AM. The ride will begin and end at the Bike Habitat, and tour around the perimeter of Carson City for a moderately paced 27-30 mile bike ride.

Bike Habitat's Tour of Carson City 2015

Get Bike Month off and rolling with Denis and Viola as they celebrate the 8th Anniversary of Bike Habitat. This is a free event, and lunch will be served for the riders back at the shop after the ride!

Donations and memberships are encouraged to support Muscle Powered of Carson City to promote a more bike friendly community.

Call Denis at the Shop for Information.

Bike Habitat
911 Topsy Lane (next to Best Buy)
Carson City, NV 89705
(775) 267-5053