Muscle Powered in the Nevada Appeal

There is a nice article about Muscle Powered’s weekend bike ride in Washoe Valley over on the Nevada Appeal site…

Carson City group cycles to promote health, exposure


3 thoughts on “Muscle Powered in the Nevada Appeal

  1. I was ride leader for the Mp ride in Washoe Valley. We did have a complaint from a homeowner who was concerned about the number of cyclists and taking up the lane. We have had 15 people show up for the last two Sunday rides.

    The south end of Franktown Road where it goes up slightly and turns east is narrow and shadowy. She is right that visibility is poor in there.

    For MusclePowered Rides, I ask everyone to ride no more than 2 abreast and to single up when a car is back. It’s for our safety. In the area she was trying to pass I don’t think even single file would work, because it is so narrow. She had to wait until oncoming traffic passed before she could go around us.

    She wasn’t belligerent, more concerned about our safety than anything.

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