Kings Canyon to Ash Canyon Loop

As energy costs steadily increase, it is becoming more important to change our habits to conserve these vital resources. In years past, there was no consideration to throw the bike in the car, and drive up to Lake Tahoe for recreation. Fuel was cheap. These days are over, and it’s time to start thinking of new ways not only to get around town, but to get our favorite recreational areas too.

Looking Towards Carson Valley

Last weekend some friends and I decided to explore some of the Lake Tahoe Trails by beginning our ride from Carson City. In the end, the ride was much more rewarding, knowing that we had made the whole journey using only Muscle Power.

Please come read the story of our ride that took us from Carson City, up Kings Canyon to Spooner Summit, up to Marlette Lake, down to Hobart, and finally back to Carson City down Ash Canyon. The story can be viewed on the Bike Carson site by clicking HERE.


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