Farmers Market Bicycle Valet a Success

Jeff and I had a great time down at the farmer’s market this morning. We guarded about 25 or 30 bikes throughout the event, gave out lots of bike maps, and talked to lots of nice people. I think it was the best outreach event we’ve done since bike-to-work week (and not nearly the effort!)

Farmers Market

It worked out so well, in fact, that we want to do it again – and people asked if we were going to be back next week. The problem is, I’ll be out of town, and it’s Charlie Moser’s 8th birthday next Saturday, so Jeff can’t be there either.

Farmers Market

Could anyone else volunteer 4 hours next Saturday? It’s really easy. All the tabling stuff – maps, water bottles, brochures, banner etc – are in a couple boxes that Jeff has now. We could probably borrow his shade structure (ok, Jeff?) Tammy W. brings a bike rack and it’s there already. All anyone would have to bring would be a table and chairs, rope to rope off the valet area and yourselves – and pick up the other tabling stuff from Jeff, who has it because he’s going to use it at the Clif Bar event this Weds. Please consider it – it actually was a lot of fun…

Farmers Market


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