Muscle Powered at the Environmental Fair

Muscle Powered will be one of over twenty organizations participating in an Environmental Fair that is scheduled to take place on Saturday, March 7th, from 10 AM until 2 PM. The event will be held in the big gym at Carson High School, located at 1111 N. Saliman, Carson City, NV.

Come by our booth to say hello, and see what we’re up to in 2009.


One thought on “Muscle Powered at the Environmental Fair

  1. Great. I am so impressed with the work being done by muscle powered

    I live in France, having just moved from the UK and to honest my first love, that of riding on my bike as I get about is all but totally frustrated by the blatant ignorance of motorised road users and the absense of really effective cycleways and cycle routs. Yes this applies here in France just as much as in the UK. Drivers here have almost no regard whatsoever for the cyclist! Its as if we don’t exist

    I have to ask. When is the cycling fraternity, given its huge numbers of enthusiastic people, really going to make its weight felt? By this I guess I mean getting political and pushing [around the world] for meaningful harsh punishment for drivers that abuse cyclists, both in busy cities and in the countryside whether they are using cycle routesor not!

    We push for healthier society, we want people to lose weight and become more active, but it seems we do nothing to meanigfully to support people who do get active and who do want to reduce their carbon emissions.

    I try for my part with my own blog; others try in their own way such as yourselves, but until there is harsh legislation commited to supporting those that would do good by society and themselves, such as when they take to their bycycle rather than their car and they commit to getting fit, we will get nowhere.

    Do use all your PR clout to press for greater levels of support for cyclists; for radical health and fitness initiatives, particularly those focused on cycling. It seems there is a desperate need for cycling fraternities to work world wide [i.e. with other cycling associations] to press for greater levels of support for cycling friendly initiatives and punitve punishment for those that abuse cyclists. We need to get our ideas under the noses of politicians that are cycling and fitness friendly such that they have the ammunition to take matters further.
    Your initiatives are great do please use them to massively up the anti.

    Stephen Kember

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