Street Skills for Cyclists

learning on the road with the group
learning on the road with the group

Learn how to safely and confidently use your bike for everyday transportation! The League of American Bicyclist’s Traffic Skills 101 course is being offered in Carson City on May 21 and 22 (Thursday evening and Friday), following on the Nevada Bicycle and Pedestrian Conference. Muscle Powered is one of the course sponsors.

The course is great for educators, whether PE teachers or others who work with adults and children, bicycle commuters who want to feel safe and confident sharing the roads with cars, and for recreational riders who just want to have more fun.

Some people think “but I already know how to ride.” This class will teach you how to confidently take your rightful role as a vehicular bicyclist on the road, and teach you about the most common causes of injury and death for bicyclists and how to avoid or reduce these dangers. The opportunity to share ideas and experiences with other local bicyclists is a reward in and of itself. Yes, the nine hour course is a significant commitment of time, but isn’t you and your bicycling experience, and your life, worth it? We hope you will join us!

The instructors for the course will be Bruce Mackey from Hanford, California, formerly with the Nevada Office of Traffic Safety, Charles Nelson, an avid bicyclist from South Lake Tahoe, and Dan Allison, Muscle Powered member and Safe Routes to School Coordinator for Carson City.

Details about the course and registration information are at


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