Mexican Ditch Trail Bridges are Now Official

On June 13th, 2009, the Mexican Ditch Trail bridges became official. Mayor Bob Crowell and members of the Open Space Committee were on hand to cut the ribbon and dedicate the new bridges and plaque.

Mexican Ditch Trail
Mayor Bob Crowell and members of the Open Space Committee

The two new Mexican Ditch Trail bridges connect the Riverview Park/Mexican Ditch Trail system to the Silver Saddle Ranch trail system. And soon, you will be able to ride west from here through the Moffat Open Space and along the Linear Park trail all the way to Governor’s Field on Roop Street!

Mexican Ditch Trail
The new plaque was unveiled

The new plaque that was unveiled shows the teamwork and partnerships that must be made to accomplish great projects. These bridges would not exist without the hard work from each separate entity.

Mexican Ditch Trail
Chas and Anne Macquarie

Many people showed up to show their support for trails in Carson City, and most stayed to participate in the Fleet Feet Sports walk and run event. Equestrians, walkers, and cyclists were all represented in the crowd.

Mexican Ditch Trail
The Fleet Feet Sports run and walk about to begin

Trails are great, but the real magic happens when you start connecting them. My son and I were able to get to the bridge ceremony all on bike paths, bike lanes, and quiet side streets. Each section we rode was not significant in itself, but all were magnificent in their entirety. Carson City is coming along in its construction of bikeways and footpaths, but much more must be done to connect the places we live, work, go to school, shop, and play. Thank you all for showing up and showing your support!

Mexican Ditch Trail
Bike Path near Rattlesnake Mountain


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