Bike Map Online

bike_map_demoAn early draft online version of the Carson City Bicycle Route Map is now available in Google Maps. I have not yet figured out how to get Google Maps to show all the route pieces on one map, but you can page through the column of route entries on the left.

The Principal Route (green) and Alternate Route (yellow) routes are incomplete and a bit inaccurate, and the Paved Multi-Use Trail (blue) and Unpaved Recreational Trail (brown) routes have not been entered at all. Google Maps does not at this time have the capability to “Get Directions” based on bicycle routes, these or any other, though there is hope that capability will be added. The map is therefore static, not dynamic.

Please let me know what you think, and whether it is useful to you. If anyone wants to tackle GPS’ing the Unpaved Recreational Trails, I can provide you collaboration access.


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