Multi-use path open!

The path crosses under the freeway
The path crosses under the freeway

The multi-use path is open from Roop Street to Moffat Open Space. The western section, Linear Park, is now joined to the eastern section from Moffat Open Space near Mexican Ditch. The middle section was part of the Phase 2A of the Hwy 395 freeway that just opened. The path crosses under the freeway alongside Eagle Creek.

This 2.8 mile trail offers close up views of the ditches along Linear Park and the creek that eventually flows into the Carson River (often called Eagle Creek, but it has no official name), with willows, cattails, cottonwoods and a lot of birdlife. This is a less developed part of the valley, and it feels like you are a long ways away. Once the cottonwoods come back along the “Eagle Creek” wetland, this should be a really beautiful ride. The Linear Park section has several interpretive signs. The new section, just opened a few days ago, is already getting quite a bit of bicycling and walking use.

The path provides access to Fremont Elementary School by students living in the Eagle Valley neighborhood, and to Eagle Valley Middle School by students living in the Fremont and Seeliger neighborhoods.

NDOT, Carson City Public Works, Muscle Powered, and the Safe Routes to School Carson City program at talking about having a grand opening for the path. It may happen this fall, before the snow flies, or it may happen in the spring.

There are some places to be careful:

  1. If you are entering the path from Roop Street southbound or exiting the path to Roop Street southbound, you’ll be turning across traffic on a limited sight distance curve.
  2. The crossing of Saliman Road is marked by pedestrian and bicycle route signs. Some people will stop for you, but others won’t so yield and don’t cross until traffic is clear or stopped.
  3. The path crosses two gated cattle guards, which serve to allow the cows to travel freely between their north and south pasture, but to keep the cows off the rest of the path. Please keep the cows and the people happy by closing the gates behind you.
  4. At the tight curve diving underneath the freeway, watch for both other bicycles and for pedestrians, since sight distance is very short.
  5. As the path approaches Butti Way, it diverges. The right fork is probably intended to be the through route, but it leads to the crosswalk over Butti at Fifth Street. As a committed vehicular cyclist, I cringe riding across crosswalks, so I instead use the left fork and turn right onto Butti and then left again onto the path. Coming the other way, I turn right onto Butti and then left onto the path.
  6. If you leave the path at the roundabout, use caution. Though drivers are gradually becoming more adept at using the roundabout by taking turns and slowing down, it is still a place to be careful. Take the lane and do not allow yourself to be squeezed to the right.
  7. The crossing of Fairview Road at the user-activated flashing light is becoming safer, however, about 20% of the drivers are still ignoring this signal and blasting on through. Don’t cross until cars from both directions have stopped, and please acknowledge them for doing the right thing.

A slide show of the path is available on Flickr. The route has been added to the Carson City Bicycle Route Map on Google Maps and to the Carson City Bicycle Routes Wiki.


6 thoughts on “Multi-use path open!

  1. I left this comment at bikecarson and didn’t get any response so I thought I would see if anyone could help me here. Thanks.

    I tried to ride the path again Friday afternoon from east to west and at the end of the section that runs along the freeway the path was wired shut. I thought maybe this was the wire mentioned in note number 3 of this article. I forgot that it was about the west gate latch. The top wire could be easily taken off but the bottom one was twisted together several times and would require some sort of tool to remove.
    I rode back to the Fifth st. overpass and rode Fifth and Salaman to the other side to see if the cattle gates had been locked again. They were not. And the west one was working fine and not broken as stated in note 3 above.
    Does anyone know why this was done? Is it the work of some pracksters?

  2. I do not know. I will be back in Carson City on Monday, and will investigate in the afternoon, and post an update. If I can’t tell what is going on, I’ll contact NDOT.

  3. I just checked the gates. Both latches are working and both gates are unlocked. But I have to admit that I didn’t read your comment again before I went, and did not check the rest of the path. Tomorrow!

  4. I just checked the path and it is completely open. If one of the chain link gates was wired shut, it was probably a prank, since these gates can be locked and there would be no reason to wire then shut.

    The chain link gates, one on the west side just where the path veers away from the freeway, and one on the east side where the walkway goes up to the Fifth St bridge, would serve to close the path when “Eagle Creek”, the wetland that crosses under the freeway where the path does, is flooding. No one know how often this will happen, but it will happen. The path section under the freeway has rails instead of chain link because the rail won’t catch flood debris like a chain link fence would.

    Thank you for reporting on the path – it is information we appreciate so we can report status and/or get things fixed.

  5. Thanks for the update. I rode the path Sunday afternoon and it was completely open again. That Friday that it was wired shut I had seen some workers leaving the path area in work trucks and now wonder if they had done it to keep people out while they were working there? Just a guess.

    But since you mentioned “get things fixed” the west gate closest to the Fremont school ground would not completely shut. Another rider was there at the same time and told me when they fixed that gate they made the metal piece stick out too far and it will not go under the latch correctly. The lock hanging there had a long chain on it so I used it to wrap around the assembly to get it to stay shut. The metal piece needs to be redone. Thanks

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