New sidewalks for Empire

New Entrance Sidewalk
New entrance sidewalk and crosswalk

Note: This entry was previously posted on the SRTS blog, but that blog is being phased out, and I thought this would be of interest to Muscle Powered people as well.

The sidewalk work around Empire Elementary is complete. The work was contracted by Carson City Public Works, and completed by Garcia Construction, with most of the funding from a Community Development Block Grant. This grant was specifically awarded because it targeted a low income neighborhood and school. Though the Safe Routes to School program certainly encouraged this project, credit goes to the city and particularly Patrick Pittenger.

Sidewalks were added along the north side of Stanton St all the way from Fairview to the school, and new walkway into the school was constructed, ADA ramps were placed at many corners on Stanton St, Monte Rosa St, Gordonia St, Siskiyou St, and Douglas St. Crosswalks have also been repainted in much of the neighborhood, particularly the ones students use on their way to and from school. Not only does this project make is easier and safer for students to walk to school, it gives a nice feeling to the whole neighborhood.

New Sidewalk Along Stanton Dr
New sidewalk along the north side of Stanton Dr

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