Google Maps gets bicycling directions

googlemapsGoogle Maps finally has a beta of bicycle routing!

The League of American bicyclists has a press release / post on their blog. The link for Google Maps indicated in the blog takes one to a map centered on San Francisco, showing a large number of bicycle routes. The video explains that the dark green lines are bike paths, the light green lines are streets with bike lanes, and the dashed green lines are recommended routes. These are available on the Bicycling layer, so they can be browsed as well as used for routing.

In Carson City, there are only two bicycle routes shown, Route 395 from Murphy Dr to Kings Canyon Rd, and a small piece of the Route 6 multi-use trail in Moffat Open Space. These are two corrections I had submitted recently to Google. I will see how I can get the rest of our bicycle route information into Google, and hopefully they will send their “street view” bicycle here sometime in the future.

This is only the first step, but it is exciting.


2 thoughts on “Google Maps gets bicycling directions

  1. I tried it for my house to the high school and it took me straight across Carson St on William – not good – so I emailed them a link to our bike map

  2. I have offered Google both our bike map and the online version I created, but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any way to get past the faceless “report a problem” to a real person. There is an automated response to these reports, but I’m not sure when someone will actually take us up on our offer of a whole map.

    I’ve done a few routings which highlighted unsafe areas, and reported these as problems, but having bike routes and bike lanes already in the system would remove a lot of the need for these reports. I’m going to continue to file problem reports, as I have time, and I would hope that other people would too.

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