National Train Day

What does National Train Day, May 8, have to do with walking and biking? Well, walking and biking are part of a rational transportation system that includes public transportation, and that includes Amtrak. While sadly there is still only one train a day through Reno, despite demand for another train from California and the willingness of California to fund a share of it, at least we have something.

If you’ve been thinking you’d like to take the train from Reno to over the Sierra, this day is a great day to check it out. With the schedule, you can catch the train at 8:36AM, ride up to Truckee, get off and spend about five hours there, and then return to Reno by 4:46PM. The ride up the Truckee River canyon is spectacular. Or go further, to Colfax, with the beauty of the ride up past Donner Lake, over the crest, and down along the North Fork of the American River. You can turn around there and get back the same day. Or go further, to Sacramento, Berkeley, Oakland, San Jose, the world…

Click for more information on National Train Day.


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