Muscle Powered NEWS

Muscle Powered was BUSY last week! Here’s a look at what went on.

Bike to Work Week

Read the 2010 Bike to Work Week Wrap up over on Many people showed up for our events throughout the week in spite of the crummy weather!

West Carson Cruiser Ride
West Carson Cruiser Ride

Carson City Corporate Commuter Challenge

The driving force behind Bike to Work Week is the Corporate Commuter Challenge. This year, Carson City cyclists completed 987 trips by bike and logged in 3,234.26 miles! Big change happens from many people doing little things.

Read about Tammy Steele’s solo victory in the Nevada Appeal: Carson woman cruises to victory in Bike to Work challenge.

Also check out the complete 2010 Corporate Challenge results over on

Bike to Work Week Party
The Bike Smith stripped Red Rock Dental of their title.

Bicycle Friendly Community

On May 20th, Muscle Powered’s Dan Allison went before the Carson City Board of Supervisors and gave them our Bicycle Friendly Community presentation.  In the end, the Board voted to sign the action plan to become a BFC, and had many good things to say about Muscle Powered’s efforts in our community!  Here is the recent press from the Nevada Appeal:

Muscle Powered receives the “Silver Dollar” award from the Nevada Appeal!

Silver dollar: To Muscle Powered, a local group dedicated to increasing biking and walking in Carson City. They received support from the Board of Supervisors to make a formal application to the League of American Bicyclists for Carson City to receive an official designation as a Bicycle Friendly Community. This is one of several movements afoot that could bring positive attention and tourist dollars to Carson City, along with the V&T Railroad and the new whitewater launch on the Carson River. Geotourism holds tremendous potential for Carson City, and it will be exciting to watch the progress our community makes in creating a world-class destination for outdoor enthusiasts and train buffs alike.

Also in the Nevada Appeal: Carson eyeing two-wheeled tourists

Muscle Powered Ride

Sat, May 29, 10:00am – 12:30pm

Paul will be leading a Muscle Powered road ride this weekend, starting at Bower’s Mansion parking lot and riding 21 miles around Washoe lake. Short snack break half way through in Washoe City at the Postal Cafe or 7-11. For those looking for a longer ride, there is an additional loop that adds 12 miles to the ride. Email me for more details. Weather permitting and helmet required! Hope to see you there! -Paul


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