Next steps for off-street paths?

Route 1 multi-use path northbound at Northridge

The multi-use path opening celebration on Saturday was poorly attended, probably due to some last minute planning and insufficient publicity. I take responsibility for that. On the other hand, there were a lot of people out using the path on their own, and the celebration did provide a chance for some of the partners to talk about future plans.

So, now I’d like to ask you for your ideas on future multi-use paths and enhancements. These paths are off-street, such as the path along the freeway in the north part of town (Route 1) and this path which combines the newly created section with the existing Linear Parkway and paths from Moffat Open Space to Butti Rd. The Route 6 is now three miles of wonderful path, apart from traffic and near to wildlife in the pasture and wetlands areas. These multi-use paths are paved, though they may have a verge for walking or horses, and are not mountain bike trails.

Please be specific in your ideas: where do you want to go from and to? what would be the best alignment? exactly where can the existing paths be better integrated into the overall network of bike lanes, bike routes, and sidewalks

In about two weeks, I’ll summarize your ideas. Muscle Powered will make a preliminary prioritization, make the ideas and priorities available to Carson City Parks & Recreation and Carson City Public Works, and schedule a meeting with these partners to identify some specific projects for which we’d like to seek grant funding.


2 thoughts on “Next steps for off-street paths?

  1. I think a link between the existing north freeway multi-use path and the new linear park path is critically important, as it would link together the two longest offstreet paths now existing in Carson City.
    Also a path along the rest of the freeway as it is constructed would be nice – access to Edmonds Field is I think especially important – wouldn’t it be great if kids could ride on an offstreet path from the Boys and Girls Club all the way to Edmonds Field?
    And I’ve always wanted to see the V&T path – the one behind the college – continued to the north all the way into Washoe Valley by Lakeview – that would really improve bike access to Washoe valley.
    A way to get up Kings Canyon to Longview would be good too – lots of walkers and bikers use Kings Canyon Road there but it has really narrow shoulders and relatively fast traffic.

  2. These ideas were provided by Stan and Jo:
    1. Kings Canyon from Ormsby up to Thames Ln. has NO path of any kind. You have to sort of scoot on and off the road again. It is tricky and a lot of cyclists and walkers use it. Estimated length: 3/10 mile.
    2. Ormsby from Washington to Newman (first critical section). This section is only a couple of hundreds of yards long and has some shoulder there. You have to stay on the road again, on or off the road that is.
    3. Ormsby/Winnie – This entire stretch has no provision for bikes. The speeds are faster here too, and is very tight. Specifically: N. Ormsby, Ash Canyon, and Winnie (after the end of the path and wide part of the road).
    4. Extend a path west through the fields from the park to nowhere on Mountain to the V&T.
    5. Pave the path from the end of the V&T around the hill headed towards Washoe Lake. A path to the lake would rock!
    6. A path from the Carson Visitors Center south to Trader Joes! Well….south at least.
    7. Roop is a danger zone headed over from 5th to the PO…either the sidewalk or in the street. A path would sure help along there.
    8. N. Roop past the Cemetery headed to Hot Springs Rd/WalMart/Home Depot. There is a gravel shoulder there that is a challenge to make it up. There is no way to safely stay on the pavement during traffic. Estimated length 1/2 mile.

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