Share the Road Stinks?

Share the Road sign on Hot Springs Rd, Carson City

Steve Magas, an attorney specializing in bicycle law in Ohio, has posted Share the Road Stinks on his blog. He argues that all share the road signing implies that bicycles are second class users of the roadway, that bicycles have to share with cars but cars needn’t share with bicycles, and that this is contrary to the law and common law history. The post certainly caused me to rethink how I look at sharing the road with vehicles. In Carson City these signs have been installed on Hot Springs Rd. The pavement equivalent, the sharrows (shared lane marking) has not been installed yet.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Share the Road Stinks?

  1. “Share the Road” only works on Hot Springs Road because there is a continuous center turn lane, and drivers can – and do – pull into that lane to pass bicyclists. When that street was being redesigned, we asked for bike lanes and were blown off – city staff said the continuous center turn lane was more important than bike lanes. Honestly, I think “Share the Road” often is just an excuse for “We’re not going to do anything more expensive than put up signs because bicycling just isn’t that important to us.”

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