Bike to Work Week – Tuesday

Freeway Bike Path
Kristy Moser enjoying the Freeway Bike Path                                 photo by Jeff Moser

Muscle Powered Fact: In 2000, NDOT had no intention of including a bike path along the Carson City freeway bypass as specified in the City’s bicycle plan. When Muscle Powered got wind of this we took action, but it wasn’t easy. Even the Carson City Chamber of Commerce publicly opposed the bike path, but because of the perseverance and dedication of our founding members, Carson City has a three mile bike path which connects N. Carson Street to Northridge Drive. And today Lumos & Associates is working with Carson City to extend the bike path all the way to Hwy 50W.

Skip ahead 10 years…
With a much different political climate, and some very dedicated NDOT employees, NDOT has dominated the Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge for two years in a row, shredding the competition with 1117.25 miles and 252 trips on foot or by bike. What a difference a decade makes. Way to go NDOT!

NDOT’s Bill Story with his two sons during last year’s competition

Commuter Tip: It’s a good idea to carry a rag with you in case of a roadside repair.  I wrap my tools (multi-tool, tire lever, zip-ties, patch kit, 2″x2″ tuffy strip-for sidewall repair)  in a clean rag so I have something to wipe my hands on after a repair.

Click HERE to see what Jeff Moser carries in his bag.

Corporate Challenge results so far..

Danny Miller  27.05
Tom Tittle      17.38

Agency Percentage of Participation

DMV – OBL                               100%

NDOT Team IT                          17.30%
DETR Cyclepaths                     10.30%
CCSD – School Bus Drivers      7.10%
USPS                                        6.60%
EITS                                          4%
NLCB                                         4%
NDEP We’re No Fuels 2012      2%

Agency Trips

DETR Cyclepaths                    21
NDOT ROW                            19
NDOT – IT                                17
NDEP We’re No Fuels 2012    14
DMV – OBL                              12
EITS                                         11
USPS                                         8
CCSD – School Bus Drivers       6
NLCB                                         1

Agency Mileage

NDOT – IT                               123.94
NDOT ROW                              66.3
DETR Cyclepaths                     38.34
NDEP We’re No Fuels 2012     31.1
EITS                                          25.6
NLCB                                        17.3
CCSD – School Bus Drivers      17
DMV – OBL                                12
USPS                                         12

Private Busness

Alison-MacKenzie        18.5%  – 12 Trips – 16.7 Miles


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