2015 Carson City Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge

The 2015 Carson City Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge is off to a fine start. Sunny weather with highs in the mid seventies with tailwinds in every direction. Oh, I’m sorry, I’ve been reading the forecast for Santa Barbara. Oh well, at least our weather keeps us on our toes.

Coffee klatch
Allison MacKinzie’s Jennifer and Jonathon showing off their bikes. Photo by Dierdre

“I forgot how pleasant it is to commute to work on a bike. Thanks for getting me back on the saddle.” – Molar Cycler

“Woo HOO! We are tired from riding today after being so lazy from our long winter’s nap.” – Allison MacKenzie

We’ll post the most current results here starting tomorrow morning. Our next Bike Month event will be the West side Cruiser Ride. Meet at the Brewery Arts Center, 449 W. King St., at 6pm Wednesday, May 13th.

Enjoy your commute!

Perhaps one day…


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