Carson City Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge Results

Wow! We had another great year.  Wind. Rain. Snow in the mountains.  We should move Bike Month to a warm weather month.  January?

Thanks to all off you who participated in making this a great event.  Special thanks to Toby Welborn for computing all the miles and trips the teams send in, and for going the extra mile and breaking it down into calories burned and our carbon offset.

Total Calories Burned: 112,403.2
CO2 Offset by Cycling vs Driving (pounds): 1,486.84
Total Miles – 2,810
Total Trips – 566

Sierra Controls, LLC


Highest Mileage


Sierra Controls, LLC 220
Allison MacKenzie 92
Resource Concepts, Inc 60
Redrock Dental 17
DITF (Diablo Industries Thin Film) 9
Lumos & Assoc 6


Nevada Guard Rough Riders 947
NDOT 508
DHHS-Healthy Riders 263
DETR – Cyclepaths 195
Western Nevada College 177
OTR 162
Bureau of Water Quality Planning 75
USPS Newmans 61
Nevada Magazine 36
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation 17

Most Trips
Allison MacKenzie SWAG


Allison MacKenzie 51
Sierra Controls, LLC 41
Resource Concepts, Inc 22
Lumos & Assoc 8
Redrock Dental 6


DETR – Cyclepaths 98
Nevada Guard Rough Riders 85
USPS Newmans 40
DHHS-Healthy Riders 31
Bureau of Water Quality Planning 29
Western Nevada College 22
OTR 21
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation 13
Nevada Magazine 12

Highest Average 


Sierra Controls, LLC 2.2
Resource Concepts, Inc 1.33
Allison MacKenzie 0.88
Redrock Dental 0.85
Lumos & Assoc 0.3
DITF (Diablo Industries Thin Film) 0.3


Nevada Guard Rough Riders 3.79
Western Nevada College 2.21
DHHS-Healthy Riders 2.1
OTR 2.1
NDOT 2.03
Bureau of Water Quality Planning 1.5
Nevada Magazine 1.2
DETR – Cyclepaths 0.87
USPS Newmans 0.61
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation 0.27

Bike to Work Week 2015
WNC Team


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