September Trash Mob


They did it in July and hauled off over 200 pounds of trash in an hour. They did it again in August and removed well over 100 pounds in 60 minutes.

Now September is here and the Mob is at it again…Trash Mob, that is. The non-profit organization, Muscle Powered, has been behind the Trash Mob effort to keep walkways and bike paths free of litter. The group meets on the third Saturday of every month, each time at a different location.

On Saturday, Sept. 19 from 8 to 9 a.m., volunteers will meet up at the corner of 5th St and Butti Way to clean up trash along the Linear Park Trail, a multi-use paved path that runs through Carson City.

This Saturday, the Trash Mob is looking for more volunteers to assist with the cleanup. If you are interested, please meet at 5th and Butti at 8:00 am Saturday. Muscle Powered staff will supply you with trash bags, work gloves, bottled water, and even trash pickers. The efforts of the volunteers will help keep Carson City clean and safe for all residents.

Meet Up Location:


One thought on “September Trash Mob

  1. Would the Trash Mob be interested in removing puncture vines–the ones that make goathead thorns? The problem is getting worse every year. I found out that Carson City’s Public Works is the department that sprays. If several organizations got together and recruited volunteers, I think we could make a difference. The public also needs education. Those plants look kind of pretty until you realize that they draw blood and give you a flat bike tire!

    We could map out the trouble spots now and attack the plants in late June. I see the plants along Hwy 50 bike path, places where there isn’t a sidewalk, near schools, the Carson City Golf Course, the neighborhood east of the Carson River.

    We could have a display case at the library to educate the public, and maybe some flyers.

    I will join Muscle Powered if you agree to take on this problem. I will provide some muscle!

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