Trash Mob to Clean Carson River

This Saturday, March 19th, is the third Saturday of the month, and as such, Muscle Powered will be holding its monthly Trash Mob. This time, the group’s efforts will be concentrated on cleaning up a portion of the Carson River. The Trash Mob will meet at 8:00 am at the boat launch just south of the Carson River Road bridge along the east side of the river off of Sierra Vista Lane. Trash bags, work gloves, and trash pickers will be provided.

Who: All are invited
What: Trash Mob
When: Saturday, March 19th from 8-9 am
Where: Boat Launch on the east side of the Carson River, south of Carson River Road Google map of location


2 thoughts on “Trash Mob to Clean Carson River

  1. You are correct, Jenny Scanland. I didn’t know it, but after your comment I looked it up and sure enough, that’s its name. You learn something new everyday.

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