Corporate Challenge Monday

Results as of 6am*

NDEP Eco Cyclists – 63.3
Allison MacKenzie – 31.6
OTR – 31
Secretary of State – 19.2
USPS Newmans – 8
USGS Frackers – 3

NDEP Eco Cyclists – 13
Allison MacKenzie – 10
Secretary of State – 7
USPS Newmans – 6
OTR – 3
USGS Frackers – 1

Average Miles
I ‘ll load the average miles soon

*Not all results received.

What a great start to the Challenge!

Below you’ll find pics and comments from a few of our teams.

bike in office

Bike Parking at Allison MacKenzie

Fun first day!

Some of our anonymous quotes:

“MapQuest bike site told me I burned about a cup of strawberries – woohoo!”

“I did the easy part – the tough part is going up the hill back to my house!”


“RTC bus tips – Reno to Carson(southbound) a.m. and return p.m. (northbound), always ride on the right side of the bus. That way you get to ride in the shade.”


Red Tail Hawks

From Dan Zapirro (NDEP Eco Cyclists): Attached are a few pictures I took today on the way to work and at lunch of a local Red Tail hawk family; these are the two youngsters, nearly full size, that are not flying out of the nest yet but are very close. Their colors are very light compared to their parents. The things you see when you are not in a car! (I will send this in email attachments.)



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