CC Tuesday

The competition is off to a great start!  The results below are current as of Tuesday evening. This is shaping up to be a very interesting Challenge.

Team comments:

“Great day and great team participation!” – SOS

“I’m seeing more people on bicycles!  :-)”  – OTR

”Sadly no miles for me today. I’ve been having trouble keeping air in the rear tire of my bike. I replaced the tube but it is still going flat. Hopefully miles for me tomorrow. Cheers, Z.” We who have experienced the same flatness can empathize. Keep Z.’s tire in your thoughts this evening, send waves of inflation his way.” – NDEP Eco Cyclists


Bike for sale. Only ridden one week a year during Bike to Work Week.  Call Drew for details.


NDEP Eco Cyclists 120.5
NV Guard Rough Riders 100.1
Secretary of State 71.5
Public Utilities Commission 67.6
Allison-mackenzie 67.27
OTR 67
DETR 61.5
Nv Health & Human Services 20
Redrock Dental Molar Cyclers 11
Lumos & Assoc 10
USPS Newmans 10
USDA Prime Rollers 6.6
USGS Frackers 3


Secretary of State 25
NDEP Eco Cyclists 24
Allison-mackenzie 23
NV Guard Rough Riders 10
USPS Newmans 8
Redrock Dental Molar Cyclers 5
Lumos & Assoc 4
Public Utilities Commission 4
Nv Health & Human Services 2
USDA Prime Rollers 1
USGS Frackers 1


OTR 1.34
Allison-mackenzie 0.5
Nv Health & Human Services 0.4
Redrock Dental Molar Cyclers 0.37
Public Utilities Commission 0.21
NV Guard Rough Riders 0.2
Secretary of State 0.14
NDEP Eco Cyclists 0.11
USDA Prime Rollers 0.1
Lumos & Assoc 0.09
DETR 0.04
USPS Newmans 0.03
NDOT 0.02
USGS Frackers 0.02
Resource Concepts All Stars

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