Corporate Challenge 2017

The 2017 Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge is on!  Riders dealt with late afternoon rain keeping the tradition alive that it wouldn’t be Bike to Work Week in northern Nevada without wind, rain and a bit of snow.  We’ll post results as soon as a few more teams log their miles and trips.monday bikes (2)

Sweet rides at the Allison MacKenzie bike rack.

Monday Rider Comments

Beautiful Day! – RCI Rowdies

Rode home in light rain and it was awesome! I would not have ridden today if it weren’t for this challenge and I’m so glad I did- thank you for the inspiration! – Carson City Orthodontics

It was an omen naming the team Goatheads – USPS Goatheads


2016 Carson Off Road Race Photos


Race Leader Geoff Kabush. 56 seconds lead over..


Russell Finsterwald #55 and Todd Wells #1


Katerina Nash. 45 seconds lead over…


Rose Grant

Out on the course


Sian Crespo


Jen Hanks


Amber Broch


Bike to Work Week Party and Corporate Challenge Results

What a great week!  Total miles ridden during 2016 Challenge was 2,530.69 and total trips taken was 505. Carbon Offset by Cycling vs Driving was 1158.59lbs and total calories burned was 87587.6.

bike to work comma coffee

Lee Harter, June Joplin and Kelly Clark in front of Comma Coffee on Bike to Work Day.  Comma Coffee has been a supporter of BTWD since the beginning. Thank you June!

In the Public Agency division we had a couple of surprises this year. The Rough Riders once again dominated the highest Mileage category with a total of 774.36. The surprise is Team OTR taking over the Average Team Miles category from the Rough Riders with an avg of 3.52. For the fourth year in a row the Cyclepaths have won the Most Trips category with 108 trips. Nice job everyone!


The Secretary of State team enjoying free coffee at LA Bakery, another long time supporter of BTWD. Thank you Ali and Liela!

For the first time in Corporate Challenge history Allison MacKenzie Law Firm had a total sweep of all categories. Nice!

Total Miles – 127.57

Total Trips – 59

Average Miles – .94.

Full results can be found below

Now for what has to be the sweetest commute to work:

Public Utilities Commission rider David Noble sent these pics in from his Friday morning commute.  I’m very envious.


View of LT from Tunnel Creek Rd


Twin Lakes from the TRT


View into Carson from Tanks Rd.  I think I’d call in sick and keep riding.


PUC Team – Seth, Cassandra and David

Bike to Work Week Party


Lilian reaching for an Appeal

We had a nice turnout at our annual party. Mikey mc’d the event keeping the attendees entertained.  Unfortunately the rain and lightning kept Incendio from performing outside.


Randy Gaa on the trike

Holden, Lilian, Elsa and Renee all placed in the Tricycle Time Trial while Keith Conrad CRUSHED Danny Miller in the Newsboy competition’s sudden death playoff.

Other winners of the night-Amanda Garcia won the cruiser bike at BTWW party. I’m sure we’ll see her riding it this Wednesday night.

Thank you to all our volunteers that made this event so much fun. And thank you to all of our Corporate Challengers. You make this a very fun and exiting event. A special thanks to Toby Welborn for keeping track of all your miles, trips, averages, calories and offsets. He’s motivated by hops so please by him a beer when you see him.

Public Miles

NV Guard Rough Riders 774.36
DETR 337.9
NDEP Eco Cyclists 271.9
Secretary of State 192.46
NDOT 189
OTR 176
Public Utilities Commission 161.8
Nv Health & Human Services 67
USDA Prime Rollers 59.2
USPS Newmans 32
USGS Frackers 3
Allison-MacKenzie 127.57
Resource Concepts All Stars 98
Redrock Dental Molar Cyclers 25.5
Lumos & Assoc 15

Public Trips

DETR 108
NV Guard Rough Riders 78
Secretary of State 57
NDEP Eco Cyclists 56
OTR 19
USPS Newmans 16
Public Utilities Commission 15
USDA Prime Rollers 14
Nv Health & Human Services 9
USGS Frackers 1
Most Trips Private
Allison-MacKenzie 59
Resource Concepts All Stars 18
Redrock Dental Molar Cyclers 13
Lumos & Assoc 9

Highest Average

OTR 3.52
NV Guard Rough Riders 1.55
Nv Health & Human Services 1.34
USDA Prime Rollers 0.91
Public Utilities Commission 0.51
Secretary of State 0.38
NDEP Eco Cyclists 0.25
DETR 0.23
USPS Newmans 0.1
NDOT 0.07
USGS Frackers 0.02
Highest Average Private
Allison-MacKenzie 0.94
Redrock Dental Molar Cyclers 0.85
Resource Concepts All Stars 0.49
Lumos & Assoc 0.14

CC Thursday/Friday

The final day.  Hopefully everyone took advantage of the free coffee at LA Bakery and Comma Coffee this morning.

Final results will be posted Monday morning. Please come on down to the Brewery Arts Center this Saturday for the Bike to Work Week party. Festivities start at 6pm.

449 W. King St.

matilija poppy2

Stopping to smell the poppies

From the road –

“Let’s do this again soon – maybe the fall? Super day!” – SOS

“The wind makes it feel cooler. However, when it is in your face and you are pushing the pedals… it is a lot of work! :-)” – OTR

“Thank you for a great week!! So much fun I may ride next week as well🚵” – Molarcycler

“Evening and morning sunshine is lovely, but can make us disappear in the eyes of drivers heading westerly or easterly. To reach our goal of arriving at our destination, we must ride as if unseen, giving attention to the unfolding surroundings. Conscious acceptance of personal responsibility frees us to enjoy the ride and gives us space when the unexpected occurs, to react sanely – more or less. Gratitude and grace abound.” – Eco Cyclists


NV Guard Rough Riders 552.57
DETR 254.1
NDEP Eco Cyclists 226.5
Secretary of State 161.13
OTR 143
NDOT 138
Allison-mackenzie 116.17
Public Utilities Commission 96.8
Resource Concepts All Stars 72
Nv Health & Human Services 54
USDA Prime Rollers 36.6
Redrock Dental Molar Cyclers 25.5
USPS Newmans 24
Lumos & Assoc 10
USGS Frackers 3


NV Guard Rough Riders 57
NDEP Eco Cyclists 48
Allison-mackenzie 46
Secretary of State 44
OTR 15
Redrock Dental Molar Cyclers 13
USPS Newmans 13
Resource Concepts All Stars 12
Public Utilities Commission 10
USDA Prime Rollers 8
Nv Health & Human Services 7
Lumos & Assoc 4
USGS Frackers 1


OTR 2.86
NV Guard Rough Riders 1.11
Nv Health & Human Services 1.08
Allison-MacKenzie 0.86
Redrock Dental Molar Cyclers 0.85
USDA Prime Rollers 0.56
Resource Concepts All Stars 0.36
Secretary of State 0.32
Public Utilities Commission 0.31
NDEP Eco Cyclists 0.21
DETR 0.17
Lumos & Assoc 0.09
USPS Newmans 0.07
NDOT 0.05
USGS Frackers 0.02

CC Wednesday

The teams a really racking up the trips and miles this week.  The results  below are current as of 6am Thursday morning.

Upcoming events:

Bike to Work Day
Fri, June 10th

As the finally of Bike to Work Week, two of our local coffee shops, Comma Coffee and LA Bakery,  will provide free coffee to those commuting to work via bicycle.

Comma Coffee – 312 S. Carson St

LA Bakery – 220 W. John St

Bike to Work Week Party
Sat, June 11th 6:00pm
Brewery Arts Center

Come celebrate Bike to Work Week at Brewery Arts Center where winners of the Corporate Challenge will be announced, fabulous prizes including a cruiser bike will be raffled, and the band “Incendio” will perform as part of the Levitt AMP 2016 Concert Series.

The below selfie was submitted by one of our longest participating Challengers, Tim Rowe.  Tim has been with us from the beginning, first with USGS and then with NDOT. To say Tim is larger than life would be an understatement.


Riders Comments:

“Rides in the morning are exhilarating and fantastic!  Glad to still be involved with BTW Week! “- Tim

“During my ride home I saw the photo shoot for a new children’s book coming out. And when I stopped to look, found a penny. Bonus!” Don’t Let the Pigeon Direct Traffic -Deirdre


“Enjoying the ride! Raced a killdeer this morning; the bird won! Thanks Muscle Powered for getting us out in the community! “-USDA

“Deducting 2 miles and 2 trips – Jaya  realized that stationary bike does not count. The rest of miles confirmed.”- SOS

“I saw many riders today. All were friendly and answered me when I greeted them. 🙂 -” OTR

S.B. writes: “Yes, another beautiful day! My usual trip from the park-n-ride and back, and – another to the gym at lunch for an additional 1.5 miles giving a grand total of 9.28 miles on Wednesday. Had to stop and admire the poppies this morning.” -NDEP

Thanks for all the pics and comments.  Y’all are making this a very fun competition!


NV Guard Rough Riders 306.24
NDEP Eco Cyclists 166.7
DETR 162.8
NDOT 138
OTR 106
Secretary of State 93.2
Allison-mackenzie 86.37
Public Utilities Commission 86.2
Nv Health & Human Services 30
USDA Prime Rollers 21.6
Redrock Dental Molar Cyclers 21
USPS Newmans 16
Lumos & Assoc 10
USGS Frackers 3
Resource Concepts All Stars


NDEP Eco Cyclists 37
Allison-mackenzie 35
NV Guard Rough Riders 33
Secretary of State 30
OTR 11
Redrock Dental Molar Cyclers 11
USPS Newmans 10
Public Utilities Commission 8
USDA Prime Rollers 5
Lumos & Assoc 4
Nv Health & Human Services 3
USGS Frackers 1
Resource Concepts All Stars

Average – Update tomorrow


CC Tuesday

The competition is off to a great start!  The results below are current as of Tuesday evening. This is shaping up to be a very interesting Challenge.

Team comments:

“Great day and great team participation!” – SOS

“I’m seeing more people on bicycles!  :-)”  – OTR

”Sadly no miles for me today. I’ve been having trouble keeping air in the rear tire of my bike. I replaced the tube but it is still going flat. Hopefully miles for me tomorrow. Cheers, Z.” We who have experienced the same flatness can empathize. Keep Z.’s tire in your thoughts this evening, send waves of inflation his way.” – NDEP Eco Cyclists


Bike for sale. Only ridden one week a year during Bike to Work Week.  Call Drew for details.


NDEP Eco Cyclists 120.5
NV Guard Rough Riders 100.1
Secretary of State 71.5
Public Utilities Commission 67.6
Allison-mackenzie 67.27
OTR 67
DETR 61.5
Nv Health & Human Services 20
Redrock Dental Molar Cyclers 11
Lumos & Assoc 10
USPS Newmans 10
USDA Prime Rollers 6.6
USGS Frackers 3


Secretary of State 25
NDEP Eco Cyclists 24
Allison-mackenzie 23
NV Guard Rough Riders 10
USPS Newmans 8
Redrock Dental Molar Cyclers 5
Lumos & Assoc 4
Public Utilities Commission 4
Nv Health & Human Services 2
USDA Prime Rollers 1
USGS Frackers 1


OTR 1.34
Allison-mackenzie 0.5
Nv Health & Human Services 0.4
Redrock Dental Molar Cyclers 0.37
Public Utilities Commission 0.21
NV Guard Rough Riders 0.2
Secretary of State 0.14
NDEP Eco Cyclists 0.11
USDA Prime Rollers 0.1
Lumos & Assoc 0.09
DETR 0.04
USPS Newmans 0.03
NDOT 0.02
USGS Frackers 0.02
Resource Concepts All Stars

Corporate Challenge Monday

Results as of 6am*

NDEP Eco Cyclists – 63.3
Allison MacKenzie – 31.6
OTR – 31
Secretary of State – 19.2
USPS Newmans – 8
USGS Frackers – 3

NDEP Eco Cyclists – 13
Allison MacKenzie – 10
Secretary of State – 7
USPS Newmans – 6
OTR – 3
USGS Frackers – 1

Average Miles
I ‘ll load the average miles soon

*Not all results received.

What a great start to the Challenge!

Below you’ll find pics and comments from a few of our teams.

bike in office

Bike Parking at Allison MacKenzie

Fun first day!

Some of our anonymous quotes:

“MapQuest bike site told me I burned about a cup of strawberries – woohoo!”

“I did the easy part – the tough part is going up the hill back to my house!”


“RTC bus tips – Reno to Carson(southbound) a.m. and return p.m. (northbound), always ride on the right side of the bus. That way you get to ride in the shade.”


Red Tail Hawks

From Dan Zapirro (NDEP Eco Cyclists): Attached are a few pictures I took today on the way to work and at lunch of a local Red Tail hawk family; these are the two youngsters, nearly full size, that are not flying out of the nest yet but are very close. Their colors are very light compared to their parents. The things you see when you are not in a car! (I will send this in email attachments.)