Dear Carson City and Carson Valley community members,

Bike Month has always been a cornerstone for Muscle Powered to bring community together every May to share our love of biking. Back in March, as we began to watch the COVID-19 outbreak unfurl in the United States, we held out hope that we could still come together to celebrate as usual.

However, it became clear Bike Month would need to be postponed if we were to help preserve the health and wellness of our volunteers and local communities and to abide by state and CDC guidelines. Since the outbreak, this has been Muscle Powered’s priority.

Muscle Powered knows that the accessibility of multi-use trails has been critical to the community’s mental health and overall wellness during COVID-19, and we pride ourselves on the trails Muscle Powered and our partners have been able to provide and maintain throughout this time.

2020 has challenged all of us to be creative, so this year we chose to do things a bit differently. We are proud to present Muscle Powered’s first-ever (and hopefully last) Bike Month! During the month of September, we encourage everyone to continue to get outside and participate in one of our weekly themes and landmark dates! Make sure you tag us through social media (#musclepowered or @musclepowered), or post on our Facebook or Instagram with the tags #musclepoweredvirtualbikemonth or #musclepowered2020bikemonth.

Muscle Powered is looking forward to May 2021 in hopes of seeing each of you on your bikes!

Stay safe, wear that mask, and keep up that social distance.





Chelsea Kincheloe, Board President
Muscle Powered