Thank you everyone for making this such a fun event! I appreciate all of your comments and photos. Below you will find the results, so far, mixed with rider photos and comments. I hope to see some of you at the Wednesday evening cruiser ride tonight at Telegraph Square. 5:45 is sign-in, with a 6:00 – 6:15 departure.
Solo Rider Brenda posing on her “sweet” 3wheeler.
Janelle Thomas 145.2
Mark Colley 77.11
Kim Gray 68.3
Lucio Bolognani 51.93
Scott Robertson 51.9
“My 10 year old started to ride his bmx bike to school and back too. So far Monday and Tuesday. He said its so “cool…” He gets home before the school bus would drop him off. Thank you for the motivation. Also I notice people say hi and wave a lot when you pass them in their yards or on their bikes. Can’t get that kind of neighborly love when you drive!!” – Kim
Solo In Town
Tom Tittle 69.34
Jason Gardner 49
David Eiswert 33.7
John Aragon 33
Tammy Steele 32.8
Srini Bokka 32
Danny Miller 24.07
Ed Skudlarek 20
Brenda Horton 9.6
Candy Wilkin 2.48
“Lucky you all who go back home North!!!!!!
I guess I live on the wrong side of town…..
Do “south”miles count double in the afternoon?????”
– Lucio
Private Trips
Allison MacKenzie Law Firm 36
Lumos Carson Office 29
Sierra Controls, LLC 12
Resource Rascals 10
Redrock Dental 4
Dude wheres my car
Private Miles
Lumos Carson Office 78.1
Allison MacKenzie Law Firm 42.11
Sierra Controls, LLC 22.1
Resource Rascals 20
Redrock Dental 9.75
“After asking (begging) a co-worker to ride their bike in the past Bike to Work weeks, we now have a convert who can’t believe the fun they are having on their bicycle!” – Deirdre
KrazyKleine on errand
Look at that smile. This has to be Deirdre’s coworker.
Public Trips
Western Nevada College 15
Carol on bike
I think I see last year’s trophy in the display case.
Public Miles
Nevada Guard Rough Riders 176.1
The Bike Kings 130.34
USGS 123.2
Western Nevada College 72.74
ndot kings
Bike Kings bike parking.
If your team is not listed it is because I do not have your ride information. Please contact me if there is a problem. Also, it takes me a bit of time to calculate the percentages. I’ll get them posted as soon as I can.