Here’s some information that’s been circulating that I should pass along to Nevada cyclists:

It’s time we modernize Nevada Revised Statutes so that traffic laws governing bicycling align with actual safety practice. Assembly Bill 247 takes this issue head on.
What the bill does:
1. Allows a cyclist to indicate a turn with a single hand signal or with his position in the turn lane instead of continuously signaling for 100 or 300 feet as is now required (have you ever tried to brake
and signal a turn at the same time and avoid crashing?)
2. Adds the option of signaling a right turn by extending the right arm for bicyclists. Only a left-handed right turn signal is currently legal in Nevada.
3. Voids dangerous laws that require use of side paths instead of nearby roads. Such laws unnecessarily force cyclists onto often poorly maintained stretches of pavement with poor visibility and other
hazards (be aware an amendment will be presented to clarify this component.)
If you’re a cyclist who supports the improvement of traffic laws to make cycling safer, please attend the bill’s hearing this Thursday, March 12th, 1:30 pm, in the Assembly Transportation Committee (, Room 3143 of the Legislative Building, 401 S. Carson St., Carson City.
For more information about the bill and how you can support it, please contact Terry McAfee, President, Nevada Bicycle Coalition (tmcafee “at” gmail “dot” com). Terry was instrumental in crafting the concepts
for the bill and will be presenting the bill with me at the hearing.
More info:
Pass it on!
David Bobzien
Assemblyman, Nevada District 24
(775) 745-5027
Legislative Attache Ashley Massey
(775) 684-8559