BFC signThe Carson City Board of Supervisors will consider Bicycle Friendly Community status at their regular meeting on Thursday, May 20. The Carson City Regional Transportation Commission approved the action plan (which is a letter of commitment) in April, and now it is the board’s turn.
As with RTC, a show of interest from the bicycling community in Carson City will make a big difference, so we’d like to see you there. Yes, it is during the work day for many of you. The meeting starts at 8:30AM, and our agenda item is 18 (out of 30), but I don’t have an estimate of when it will come up. If you can attend but only spare a limited amount of time, you can email me (allisondan52 at ahead of time, and I will reply when the item is getting close. The meeting is in the Sierra Room of the Carson City Community Center, at 851 E William St (don’t be fooled by Google, the center is west of the location shown on the map).
The Action Plan is just the first of several steps leading Carson City to apply for and be designated a bicycle friendly community, but Muscle Powered, Carson City Public Works staff, and the RTC are already on board. The Muscle Powered BFC Committee will be supporting staff in developing the detailed documentation necessary for the main application.

18. Public Works
Action to approve and authorize the Mayor to sign the Action Plan for Bicycle Friendly Communities in support of pursuing designation for Carson City as a Bicycle Friendly Community. (Patrick Pittenger)
Staff Summary: The signing of the Action Plan for Bicycle Friendly Communities is the first step in the application process toward designation for Carson City as a Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists. A member of the group that is requesting that an application be submitted on behalf of Carson City will present the merits of the Bicycle Friendly Communities Campaign and describe the application process.