One of the things that holds me back from running errands on bicycle, is the uncertainty of secure bicycle parking at the destination. I’ve been to many businesses around town several times, but most of the time I forget to take notice if there is secure bicycle parking.

Muscle Powered
Muscle Powered Bike Rack at the Brewery Arts Center
Muscle Powered’s Dan Allison has created a Carson City Bicycle Rack Database to help take the guess work out of bicycle rack availability! I was curious about two locations I like to go, Safeway and Trader Joe’s. I found both easily in the database, with pictures of the rack location. This resource will definitely help me with my goal of using the bicycle more for everyday errands.
The Carson City Bicycle Rack Database can be accessed HERE or just follow the link on the Muscle Powered Resources Page. The database is an ongoing project, so give Dan your feedback when visiting the database.