Bicycling and Walking 2010 Benchmarking ReportThe Alliance for Biking and Walking, a national advocacy organization, recently released the “Bicycling and Walking in the United States 2010 Benchmarking Report” on the status of biking and walking in all states and major cities (Las Vegas is included). Though the report is rich variety of text, charts and graphs, some relevant rankings for Nevada include:
Cycling to Work ranking = 17th (0.6%)
Walking to Work ranking = 31st (2.3%)
All Trips Cycling 0.9%
All Trips Walking 9.2%
Bicycle Safety ranking = 37
Pedestrian Safety ranking = 40
Portion of Transportation Budget to Bike/Ped ranking = 37 (0.8%)
Portion of Transportation Enhancement Funds to Bike/Ped ranking = 31 (45%)
Advocacy Capacity – no ranking because no statewide organization
overweight rate 63% and obese rate 25%, which is in the middle of the states