It’s Bike to Work Day and the final day of the Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge. I hope everyone had a great week riding to work! Our traditional post ride raffle and party has been moved to Saturday, May 18th, and we have a lot more going on than years past. Ride With A Vet starts things off at 2:30pm, followed by a bike rodeo at 3pm. Reno surf band, the Riptide Bandits, will be performing at Telegraph Square, and we’ll have bike related games, a bike rafffle and announce the winners of the Corporate Challenge. So come on down to Telegraph Square at 2:30 to enjoy the fun!
Nevada Appeal delivery bags for Saturday’s Newspaper Boy game.
Did everyone get a cup of coffee from one of our Coffee Stations?
Bistro@Bryan – 901 S. Stewert
Comma Coffee – 312 S Carson
LA Bakery- 220 W. John
San Rafael Coffee Company – 711 S Carson

We bring in a different dish each day as an incentive to ride. Today was a fruit pizza!-Deirdre
Corporate Challenge Results – Thursday
*Not all data received
In Town Solo
Jason Gardner 97
David Eiswert 63.4
Tammy Steele 59.6
John Aragon 59.08
Danny Miller 54.36
Ed Skudlarek 36
Srini Bokka 32*
Brenda Horton 23.2
“So glad I rode to work today! The morning commute was challenging with a very stiff south wind in Washoe Valley so I took Franktown to stay against the mountains and it was beautifully calm. The commute home was awesome with the annual HUGE flock of bleatting sheep along Coombs Canyon to make me smile and temporarily forget about the climb. Keep riding happy!” – Janelle
Beyond Solo
Janelle Thomas 286.3
Tom Tittle 121.36
Mark Colley 116.28*
Scott Robertson 101.7*
Lucio Bolognani 77.79*
Kim Gray 70.8*
Return from lunch
Private %
Allison MacKenzie Law Firm 30%
Lumos Carson Office 22%
Resource Rascals 10%
Redrock Dental 38%*
Sierra Controls, LLC 28.3%*
“As I pedal through the Historical District this morning there were deer grazing on the fresh spring time plants and grass. What a way to spend your morning!” – Brenda
Private Trips
Allison MacKenzie Law Firm 70
Lumos Carson Office 52
Sierra Controls, LLC 40*
Resource Rascals 26
Redrock Dental 14*
bike parking
Bike Parking
Private Miles
Lumos Carson Office 272.4
Allison MacKenzie Law Firm 150.02
Sierra Controls, LLC 87.7*
Resource Rascals 81
Redrock Dental 27.75*
“Can we extend the competition one more week?” – John
You can.
Public %
The Bike Kings 17%
DETR -Cyclepaths 12%*
USGS 11%
NV State Pks- Endangered Trails 7.90%*
Western Nevada College 7%
Nevada Guard Rough Riders 6.30%*
Glass Cycle - Jarill Ristine
Glass Cycle – Jarill Ristine – $400 At Artsy Fartsy
Public Trips
The Bike Kings 93
DETR – Cyclepaths 69*
Nevada Guard Rough Riders 66*
NV State Pks- Endangered Trails 56*
Western Nevada College 40
“Each ride experience presence.” – Ed
Public Miles
The Bike Kings 514.74
Nevada Guard Rough Riders 510.7*
NV State Pks- Endangered Trails 230.25*
USGS 218.5
Western Nevada College 156.06
DETR 150*
Bike to Work Week sucks!