The Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge starts today and continues through the 18th of May. For the next week we’ll post the Corporate Challenge daily results and also provide you with a commuter tip and a Muscle Powered fact.
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May 7th Celebrity Bike Ride                                                         photo by Ashley Dale
Muscle Powered Fact: Muscle Powered formed soon after the City hosted a public meeting at the Carson City Library to revise the City’s bicycle plan. Our founding members realized there was a good chance that a new bicycle plan would likely sit on a shelf and never be implemented. We’re fortunate that several individuals decided to take action. The first Muscle Powered meeting was held on June 2nd, 1998.

A big thanks to our founding members:
Anne Macquarie, Jim Crompton, Virginia Orcutt, Sue Newberry, Bruce Mackey, Tom Whitehead, Jean Wagner, Walt Wagner, Ed Skudlarek, Kelly Clark, and Penny Fairfield.

Commuter Tip: A clean drivetrain is a happy drivetrain. Keeping your drivetrain clean will reduce the wear on your chainrings, cogs and chain. Keeping your chain clean will also keep you from getting filthy when performing a roadside repair.
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The Competitors:
Danny Miller
Troy Orosco
Tammy Steele
Tom Tittle
Public Agency
CCSD – School Bus Drivers
DETR Cyclepaths
DHHS – Central Office
EITS – Admin
NDEP We’re No Fuels 2012
NDOT – Team IT
NDOT – M&T Lab Rats
NDOT- Planning Division
Nevada Guard Rough Riders
NLCB – Audit
WNC – 1
WNC – 2
WNC – 3
Private Business
Alison – MacKenzie
Capitol Automotive
CV Sports
Hair Studio & Spear Me
Lumos & Assoc.
Redrock Dental Molar Cycles
RCI Flyers
Tahoe Fracture and Orthopedic Clinic