Nevada Vulnerable Highway Users bill
Muscle Powered Fact: Muscle Powered, a grassroots citizens organization advocating for better bicycling and walking conditions in Nevada’s capital city, decided last year to make the passage of a Vulnerable Users Law a priority for the Nevada 2011 legislative session. – Anne Macquarie.
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Commuter Tip:  When commuting to work with a friend it’s necessary to point out road hazards such as potholes and road debris by announcing,  pointing to,  and safely navigating around, the hazard. Failure to do so could result in an injury to your riding partner and damage their bicycle.
A couple of mountain bike friends of ours (Cagney & Lacy*) decided a number of years ago they would like to try road riding and purchased two road bikes. But because of their work schedules and office location (Cagney worked in Reno and Lacy in Carson City) they didn’t ride together right away.  Lacy liked road riding.  We rode with her often, teaching her the skills and etiquette required of a “roadie”.
We taught her how to draft, ride in a paceline, and to point out road hazards.
When Lacy was able to finally go out for a ride with Cagney they rode from their home in south Reno to Washoe Valley and back.  Everything was great during the first half of the ride. Cagney being the stronger of the two rode in front. Lacey, happy to sit in the draft on the fun descent through Pleasant Valley, rode in the back. It was on the return trip that things went awry. Cagney, not having been taught proper road etiquette, employed his mountain bike skills and expertly dodged the fast approaching 2×4 laying across the road.  Lacey wasn’t so lucky. She plowed into the 2×4 and flew over the handlebars. Fortunately for Lacey she wasn’t hurt too bad, just a little banged up, bruised and jittery. But the trust was gone.  Unfortunately for Cagney, Lacey never let him forget this incident. Point out road hazards!
*Not their real names.
2012 137.JPG
Lee Harter successfully negotiates Jeff Potter’s release from the hands of justice. photo by Ashley Dale
Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge results so far…
Tom Tittle      85.98
Danny Miller  84.46
Troy Orosco   80.91
Tammy Steele 28.84
Private Business
Alison – MacKenzie                42
RCI Flyers                              34
Redrock Dental Molar Cycles 34
Tahoe Fracture & Orthopedic 23
CV Sports                                8
Hair Studio & Spear Me           8
Capitol Automotive                   4
Tahoe Fracture & Orthopedic 110
Redrock Dental Molar Cycles 90
CV Sports                               87
Alison – MacKenzie                49.8
RCI Flyers                               49
Hair Studio & Spear Me          22
Capitol Automotive                 18.4
% of Participation
Redrock Dental Molar Cycles 83.30%
CV Sports                               28.50%
Alison – MacKenzie                 22.20%
Hair Studio & Spear Me         22.20%
RCI Flyers                              11.60%
Tahoe Fracture                        5%
Public agency
% of Participation
DMV – OBL                      87.50%
NDOT – M&T Lab Rats    25%
NDOT-Planning Division 17.30%
USGS                              14.10%
NDOT – Team IT              11.60%
DETR Cyclepaths            10.90%
NV Guard Rough Riders  9.30%
DHHS Central Office        7.30%
USPS                                7.20%
CCSD School Bus Drivers 7.10%
EITS                                   5.60%
NDEP We’re No Fuels       3.20%
DETR Cyclepaths        80
NDEP We’re No Fuels 75
NDOT – M&T Lab Rats 71
NDOT – ROW               68
NV Guard Rough Riders 65
NDOT – Team IT           60
WNC – 1                        42
NDOT-Planning Division 30
DHHS Central Office      29
USPS                              27
WNC – 2                           27
WNC – 3                           26
USGS                               25
DMV – OBL                       22
CCSD School Bus Drivers 18
NLCB                                  9
NDOT – Team IT           394.61
NV Guard Rough Riders 350
NDOT – ROW                242.7
NDOT – M&T Lab Rats 184.5
NDEP We’re No Fuels  172.1
DHHS Central Office    166.1
USGS                           159.4
NLCB                            149.4
DETR Cyclepaths           138.51
WNC – 1                          107.99
EITS 105.3
NDOT-Planning Division 78.16
CCSD School Bus Drivers 59
WNC – 3                           53
WNC – 2                           50.26
USPS                               38
DMV – OBL                       32
Nice job everyone!