Mexican Ditch Trail North Bridge
Muscle Powered Fact: Muscle Powered wrote successful grants which purchased two bridges that are on the Mexican Ditch Trail. Read about the bridges HERE
Mexican Ditch Trail South Bridge
Commuter Tip: Keep your tire pressure 5 to 10 psi below the recommended maximum pressure listed on the tire’s sidewall. Too much psi will send road shock directly to the handle bars and saddle resulting in a very jarring ride, while a slightly lower psi will provide dampening, allowing for a  pleasurable bicycle commute.
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Here as an amusing story from DMV bicycle commuter Dennis White:
My bike story of frustration – On my morning ride in this morning I had to ride over the 395 (down by Best Buy) and it appears that NDOT has taken out the bike lane in their current construction phase. So I had to take the lane and to my pleasant surprise everyone respected me and gave me the lane except for 1 vehicle. The unfortunate part is that the one vehicle that chose not to yield to me in the lane was an NDOT vehicle (one of those while trucks). Is this how NDOT will attempt to secure a victory?? Taking out the competition?? Haha
Bike to Work Week Corporate Challenge Results So Far..
Danny Miller      54.67
Troy Orosco      53.9
Tom Tittle          51.68
Tammy Steele  17.44

Private Business
Alison – MacKenzie                          28
Tahoe Fracture & Orthopedic Clinic 15
RCI Flyers                                        10
Capitol Automotive                            4
CV Sports                                          4

Tahoe Fracture & Orthopedic Clinic  106
CV Sports                                            63
RCI Flyers                                           35
Alison – MacKenzie                            33.1
Capitol Automotive                            18.4
Hair Studio & Spear Me                         6

Team    % 
Alison – MacKenzie                         20.30%
Tahoe Fracture & Orthopedic Clinic  5.80%
Public Agency

DETR Cyclepaths                51
NDEP We’re No Fuels         46
NDOT – Team IT                  43
NDOT ROW                        42
NDOT – Planning Division   30
EITS                                    29
NV Guard Rough Riders     27
NDOT – M&T Lab Rats       23
DMV – OBL                         22
USPS                                 17
WNC – 1                             14
CCSD-School Bus Drivers 12
DHHS Central Office          11
USGS                                 11
WNC-2                                 6
WNC-3                                 6
NLCB                                   1

NDOT – Team IT                   279.09
NDOT ROW                         156.3
NV Guard Rough Riders      143.9
NDEP We’re No Fuels 2012 111.1
DETR Cyclepaths                 87.66
NDOT – Planning Division    78.16
WNC – 1                                73.42
EITS                                      70
NDOT – M&T Lab Rats          66.5
DHHS Central Office             62.85
USGS                                    60.4
CCSD – School Bus Drivers  36
DMV – OBL                            32
USPS                                     24
WNC-3                                   23
NLCB                                    17.3
WNC-2                                  13
Team    % 
DMV – OBL                           87.5
NDOT – Planning Division    25%
NDOT – Team IT                  18.20%
DETR Cyclepaths                10.90%
CCSD – School Bus Drivers  7.10%
USPS                                    6.60%
EITS                                      5.50%
NDEP We’re No Fuels 2012  3%
See you at the Cruiser Ride this evening.