I recently caught up with Patrick Pittenger, Carson City’s Transportation Manager and fellow cyclist, to see what Carson City has in store for muscle powered transportation in 2009. Please see the link to the Bike and Pedestrian Plan PDF below. The map is best viewed on the computer, as you have to zoom in to see the detail. You probably won’t be able to see much if you print it out.

Stewart Street Extension
Stewart Street Extension
Here are Patrick’s words to go along with the map: Click here to download the Bike and Pedestrian Plan

I should give you an update to the information on the map.

  • Numbers 1-6, 8-10, 13, and 21 are complete (Share the Road signs were also added to Number 9 – Hot Springs Road)
  • Numbers 7 and 11 are currently under construction and will be completed this year
  • Numbers 12, and 14-18 are designed or are being designed now, and are expected to be completed this year.
  • Numbers 19 and 20 have yet to be initiated
  • Number 22 is ongoing and will continue to be that way

In addition several new projects have come up and have been completed or will be there soon:

  • Bike lanes were added to Koontz Lane between Carson and Curry
  • Bulb-outs were added at the intersection of King and Division
  • Sidewalk improvements for ADA access were implemented on Airport Road south of 50 and at the intersection of Airport and Woodside
  • Design is underway for sidewalks and lighting on the south side of Fairview between Roop and Carson

We are also continuing to write grant applications, including the following:

  • Federal Enhancement funds for bicycle lanes and a pedestrian path along Roop between Winnie and Northridge (already submitted)
  • Developing a Community Development Block Grant application for sidewalks around Empire Elementary School
  • Working with the School District on an application to improve the walking a bicycling environment for students citywide
  • Developing an application for State (NDOT) funds to improve Airport Road between college and 50 (including improvements for non-motorized travelers)

None of these projects are likely to be implemented in 2009, but we’re looking ahead to future implementation.

As you can see, there are many projects in progress. I’ve witnessed the progress of the Stewart Street extension. Our bicycle commuter convoy goes through this area every night, and have found this to be the safest way to get across HWY 50 over to Long Street during 5PM traffic. It should be very nice once completed. After examining the map, I’m sure you’ll find something that will make your bicycling and walking trips around town easier and safer.
I’ll follow up this post with ways that you can get involved in the decision making progress. There is still much to be done. It takes interest and input from the public to build the town you want to live in.