On Monday morning, Carson City held the groundbreaking ceremony for the Downtown Corridor project. As the project will include several bicycle and pedestrian-friendly features, Muscle Powered is happy to see the project moving forward. Debbie Lane, a board member of Muscle Powered and our membership chairperson, was given the opportunity to share a few words at the ceremony. Here is the transcript of her speech.
Good morning! My name is Debbie Lane and I am a Board member with Muscle Powered.
Muscle Powered is a local, non-profit organization which has been advocating for almost 20 years to make Carson City a more walkable and bikeable town. For many years, we have advocated for bike lanes, safer crosswalks for bicyclers and pedestrians, a 3-foot distance law and other safe walking and biking policies and practices. We have helped provide bike racks around town to encourage bike riding to many local destinations.
Muscle Powered has organized an amazing team of volunteers to build trails, lead walks, hikes and bike rides, clean up trash along our trails, and educate the Legislature and local city departments about best practices to encourage safe “muscle powered” biking and walking. Our motto is “walk, bike, build”.
This downtown redevelopment project is fully supported by Muscle Powered. We believe it will provide a downtown that is safer and more inviting for pedestrians and bicyclers. We envision it to be a place that will bring families and community residents together to enjoy the many unique and beautiful things about our downtown area.
The partnerships that Muscle Powered has with city, state and federal agencies to achieve these common goals is amazing and we thank and congratulate all those people who have helped this project come together. We look forward to this exciting downtown transformation!
Thank you!