Carson City hired a consultant (Lumos & Associates) to identify and evaluate alignment alternatives for a non-motorized path along Carson City Freeway corridor.  The study area extends from Northridge Drive on the north end  – by the Boys and Girls Club – to Old Clear Creek Road on the south. Lumos evaluated many alignment options and came up with a recommended alignment. There will be an Open House on May  4th in the front lobby of the Community Center  from  5pm to 7pm. At 5:30 there will be a PowerPoint presentation on the alignment study process that was used to evaluate the alternatives and identify a recommended alternative. Please come to present your comments and voice your support for a dedicated multi-use path along the freeway corridor.
Long time Muscle Powered members will remember that it is this path that got Muscle Powered started as an organization. Basically, the path along the freeway was on the city’s bicycle plan; NDOT said they would not build it; the new Muscle Powered organization gathered hundreds of signatures on a patition asking that it be built – and it was.
At least, the northern half was built. This is the southern half. It would be good if Muscle Powered members and others could show up at this open house and demonstrate to the city that there is still a lot of support for the path. Imagine – riding north to south through all of Carson City on an off-street path – sound good?  Show up on Wednesday!