The teams a really racking up the trips and miles this week.  The results  below are current as of 6am Thursday morning.
Upcoming events:
Bike to Work Day
Fri, June 10th
As the finally of Bike to Work Week, two of our local coffee shops, Comma Coffee and LA Bakery,  will provide free coffee to those commuting to work via bicycle.
Comma Coffee – 312 S. Carson St
LA Bakery – 220 W. John St
Bike to Work Week Party
Sat, June 11th 6:00pm
Brewery Arts Center
Come celebrate Bike to Work Week at Brewery Arts Center where winners of the Corporate Challenge will be announced, fabulous prizes including a cruiser bike will be raffled, and the band “Incendio” will perform as part of the Levitt AMP 2016 Concert Series.
The below selfie was submitted by one of our longest participating Challengers, Tim Rowe.  Tim has been with us from the beginning, first with USGS and then with NDOT. To say Tim is larger than life would be an understatement.
Riders Comments:
“Rides in the morning are exhilarating and fantastic!  Glad to still be involved with BTW Week! “- Tim
“During my ride home I saw the photo shoot for a new children’s book coming out. And when I stopped to look, found a penny. Bonus!” Don’t Let the Pigeon Direct Traffic -Deirdre
“Enjoying the ride! Raced a killdeer this morning; the bird won! Thanks Muscle Powered for getting us out in the community! “-USDA
“Deducting 2 miles and 2 trips – Jaya  realized that stationary bike does not count. The rest of miles confirmed.”- SOS
“I saw many riders today. All were friendly and answered me when I greeted them. 🙂 -” OTR
S.B. writes: “Yes, another beautiful day! My usual trip from the park-n-ride and back, and – another to the gym at lunch for an additional 1.5 miles giving a grand total of 9.28 miles on Wednesday. Had to stop and admire the poppies this morning.” -NDEP
Thanks for all the pics and comments.  Y’all are making this a very fun competition!

NV Guard Rough Riders 306.24
NDEP Eco Cyclists 166.7
DETR 162.8
NDOT 138
OTR 106
Secretary of State 93.2
Allison-mackenzie 86.37
Public Utilities Commission 86.2
Nv Health & Human Services 30
USDA Prime Rollers 21.6
Redrock Dental Molar Cyclers 21
USPS Newmans 16
Lumos & Assoc 10
USGS Frackers 3
Resource Concepts All Stars


NDEP Eco Cyclists 37
Allison-mackenzie 35
NV Guard Rough Riders 33
Secretary of State 30
OTR 11
Redrock Dental Molar Cyclers 11
USPS Newmans 10
Public Utilities Commission 8
USDA Prime Rollers 5
Lumos & Assoc 4
Nv Health & Human Services 3
USGS Frackers 1
Resource Concepts All Stars

Average – Update tomorrow