Here’s a message from the League of American Bicyclists:

Dear League Members:

 Do you fight your way through traffic each morning, even with gas prices surging to record levels?

Do you bike to work, or use public transit?CNN wants to see the sights and sounds of how you get to work. Document your daily travel schedule. (Drivers, please be careful not to distract yourself behind the wheel.)

If you have a unique way of getting to work, please share your story.   Send photos, video and audio to share the story of your commute. Visit the following website to learn more about making a submission:





 We appreciate your support in helping to create a bicycling-friendly America .   

 Visit the following link to learn more about how to submit your photos, videos and audio stories about your commute.

 Safe cycling, Tiffany Payne

Here’s your chance for your five minutes of fame!