View from the road
Two more days to go and anything can happen.

What’s happing on Friday, May 19

Commuter Convoy  7:00 am at Carson/Tahoe Medical Center
Riders will meet up at the Carson/Tahoe Medical Center parking lot and ride south through Carson City, stopping at a “Commuter Station” for a cup of joe before continuing on to work.
Bike to Work Day Coffee Stations 

Ride to any of the participating coffee shops on your
bike, wearing a helmet and receive a free cup of coffee.

Participating Coffee Shops:
Comma Coffee 312 S. Carson St. 7am – 8pm
Carson Coffee 1825 N Carson St. 5am – 5pm
LA Bakery 220 W. John St. 7am – 5pm
Dutch Bros (both locations) 1231 S. Carson St &  1675 E William St. Any medium drink for free 5am – 11pm

Bike to Work Week Party at McFadden Plaza 6pm – 8pm
Come celebrate Bike to Work Week where winners of the Corporate Challenge will be announced, entertaining games will be held, and fabulous prizes will be raffled. The White Hats will provide entertainment on the outdoor stage at McFadden Plaza

Results as of 6:30am
Miles  * Indicates Private Business

NV Public Works Spoke Patrol 284.00
NDOT 152.85
DCNR EcoCyclists 143.90
DETR Cyclepaths 114.90
RCI Rowdies* 77.00
OTR 76.80
Allison MacKenzie* 67.44
Carson City Orthodontics* 58.50
NV Guard Rough Riders 42.52
Redrock Dental Molarcyclers* 19.50
USPS Goatheads 18.00
Public Utilities Commission of Nevada 16.40
Capitol Automotive* 16.00
Lumos & Associates 4.40


DETR Cyclepaths 51
NV Public Works Spoke Patrol 47
Allison MacKenzie* 36
DCNR EcoCyclists 24
RCI Rowdies* 24
Lumos & Associates* 15
Carson City Orthodontics* 11
OTR 10
Redrock Dental Molarcyclers* 9
NV Guard Rough Riders 8
USPS Goatheads 8
Capitol Automotive* 4
Public Utilities Commission of Nevada 2