A couple Goatheads on their way to the office
The weather wasn’t too bad yesterday. At least it didn’t snow.  Below you’ll find the current Corporate Challenge results as of 7am Wednesday morning.  Not all results are in so the numbers may change quite a bit.
Commuter Comments:
LOVE the rain!! – RCI Rowdies
Dude! Where’s my car? –DETR Cyclepaths
Fun week no matter the weather! – Allison MacKenzie
Half our team met at Schat’s and rode 4 miles to and from the office today then we all rode out to lunch. It was the first time some of them have ridden a bike that far in years and we laughed the whole time. Fun! – Carson City Orthodontics 

On the Bike to Work Week Schedule tonight:
Ride of Silence
Wed, May 17th 7:00 pm
Telegraph Square
Cyclists will take to the roads in a silent procession to honor cyclists who have been killed or injured while cycling on public roadways. Cyclists have a legal right to share the road with motorists, but the motoring public often isn’t aware of these rights, and sometimes not aware of the cyclists themselves.
Ride of Silence route:
The results are combined.  An * indicates Private Business category
Looks like a tight competition with the NDOT Road Worriers (Okay, I made that name up but I think it’s pretty funny) and the Spoke Patrol.  Don’t count out the Rough Riders. They typically rally near the end of the week.

NDOT 152.85
NV Public Works Spoke Patrol 131.00
DCNR EcoCyclists 80.50
Carson City Orthodontics* 58.50
DETR Cyclepaths 53.80
RCI Rowdies* 50.00
Allison MacKenzie* 43.26
OTR 37.20
Public Utilities Commission of Nevada 16.40
USPS Goatheads 16.00
Redrock Dental Molarcyclers* 10.50
Lumos & Associates 0.50
Capitol Automotive 0.00
NV Guard Rough Riders 0.00


DETR Cyclepaths 26
Allison MacKenzie* 23
DCNR EcoCyclists 14
RCI Rowdies* 14
Carson City Orthodontics* 11
NV Public Works Spoke Patrol 11
USPS Goatheads 7
Redrock Dental Molarcyclers* 6
Lumos & Associates 4
Public Utilities Commission of Nevada 2
Capitol Automotive 0
NV Guard Rough Riders 0