new signal and crosswalk at Eagle Station Ln

A new signal and crosswalk at Eagle Station Lane allows pedestrians to cross Carson St/Hwy 395 between Koontz Ln and Clearview Dr. This crossing was formerly impossible, across six lanes of heavy traffic in a 45mph zone. The installation was part of an agreement between the city and Casino Fandango to handle traffic from the expanded casino and hotel areas on the west side of Carson St, and seemingly was accelerated by the death of a pedestrian crossing here in June 2009.
Carson City has a number of long gaps between crosswalks on high volume and high speed streets, specifically south Carson St (Hwy 395) and William St (Hwy 50). These long gaps cause pedestrians to cross without any protection. I’ll write a post in the future about these gaps and solutions. But at least one of the gaps has now been solved!