Thank you to all who turned out for the West Side Cruiser Ride. This event gets better and better each year thanks to you!
Bikes take over Minnesota St.
The Erickson family having a great time on the Cruiser Ride.
You can view more photos of the Cruiser Ride HERE.
Bike To Work Week Corporate Challenge Results – Wednesday
* Indicates not all data received.
Sierra Controls LLC Bike Team 2013
Sierra Controls Bike Team
Private %
Redrock Dental 38%
Allison MacKenzie Law Firm 30.80%
Sierra Controls, LLC 28.3
Lumos Carson Office 24.3
Resource Rascals 10%
“I saw red winged blackbirds, wabbits, squirrels, a cat, and many many birds/waterfowl today. Took the ditch all the way in. it was amazing…………oh and one mailman” – Jenny
Private Miles
Lumos Carson Office 240.4
Allison MacKenzie Law Firm 96.8
Sierra Controls, LLC 87.7
Resource Rascals 62
Redrock Dental 27.75
Lunch Parking
Private Trips
Allison MacKenzie Law Firm 56
Lumos Carson Office 44
Sierra Controls, LLC 40
Resource Rascals 20
Redrock Dental 14
“Bike commuting makes me happy” – Lynn
Me too!
Solo – Beyond
Janelle Thomas 225.2
Mark Colley 116.28
Tom Tittle 104.01
Scott Robertson 101.7
Lucio Bolognani 77.79
Kim Gray 70.8
“Each day is a little slower on the commute but boy is this fun to be up at sunrise and enjoying the beautiful scenes between Reno and Carson City. Had to add a few extra miles on the commute today since my rear shifter cable broke as I was crossing the intersection at Geiger on my way home. Went to Reno Cycling and Fitness at 6:30 pm and they were having a club event (thank goodness since they normally close at 6) but the shop had the mechanics fix me up! Great service and I highly recommend the shop if you ever need anything! Happy biking to everyone out there!” – Janelle
Solo – In Town
Jason Gardner 81
John Aragon 46.54
david eiswert 43.7
Danny Miller 38.76
Tammy Steele 32.8*
Srini Bokka 32*
Ed Skudlarek 25
Brenda Horton 16.4
“Seen a lot of people out on their bikes the last couple days. Nice to see the wind isn’t discouraging riders from pushin’ the pedals!” – John
Public %
The Bike Kings 17%
DETR 12%*
USGS 10%
NV State Pks- Endangered Trails 7.90%
Western Nevada College 6.75%
Nevada Guard Rough Riders 6.30%
little jerry
Little Jerry says thumbs up to bike to work week from Belize !!!
Public Miles
Nevada Guard Rough Riders 510.7
The Bike Kings 418.14
NV State Pks- Endangered Trails 230.25
USGS 165
DETR 150*
Western Nevada College 99.34
bike on display
Allison MacKenzie Bike Parking
Public Trips
The Bike Kings 73
DETR 69*
Nevada Guard Rough Riders 66
NV State Pks- Endangered Trails 56
Western Nevada College 32
Bike Kings Parking. Hmmm?
Tomorrow is Bike To Work Day
Several businesses are offering a free cup of joe to those of us commuting to work by bike. Please tell them thank you for supporting Bike to Work Day!
Participating businesses:
Bistro@Bryan – 901 S. Stewert
Comma Coffee – 312 S Carson
LA Bakery- 220 W. John
San Rafael Coffee Company – 711 S Carson

la bakery