bike lane, Curry southbound at Rhodes

A reconstruction of Curry Street between Koontz Ln on the south and Rhodes St on the north was recently completed. Bicycle lanes and signing were included in this project. With the existing section to the south between Clearview Dr and Koontz Ln, this completes a 1.2 miles of lanes along Curry St. Sidewalks were also installed along this entire section, which formerly had pedestrians walking in the dirt and mud alongside the road.
The section to the north of Rhodes St, from the new construction to Lake Glen Dr, has little to no shoulder and has limited visibility as it curves around the hillside above the Forest Service offices and railroad museum, so it is not comfortable for bicyclists to ride. This section is part of a future project which has not been scheduled. It was delayed due to drainage and right of way concerns, and now due to the reduced funds available for road projects.
This section adds a significant north-south route to Carson City, though one still has to cross back to the east side of Carson St/Hwy 395 at Koontz to access the south part of town. North-south routes are sorely lacking, and this really helps. Muscle Powered and many others have proposed a bicycle crossing over or under the new Hwy 50 freeway to carry this route through to Vista Grande Blvd and the retail areas along Carson St as well as Jacks Valley Rd, but NDOT has resisted all such efforts.