sidewalk/path and bike lanes on Fifth St

The Fifth Street Project, which added a sidewalk/path on the north side of Fifth St between the Fairview roundabout and Hells Bells / Carson River Rd is now complete. Bike lanes and signing were also added to both sides of the road. This is quite a nice installation, a pleasure to use and a pleasure to look at. It has benefits for Eagle Valley Middle School in providing a safe route from the roundabout to the school (though the roundabout itself is still a bit problematic and should be crossed with caution as many drivers are looking for other cars and not for pedestrians and bicyclists).
This is a great example of a complete streets project, adding pedestrian and bicycle facilities to a roadway that was formerly only easy to use for motor vehicles.
This project was funding by a Transportation Enhancement grant obtained by Carson City Public Works and Patrick Pittenger.