The flat tire repair clinic held last night at Bike Habitat was a big hit. Denis gave expert instruction on how to remove the rear wheel, how to scan the tire to find the culprit of the flat, and how to replace the wheel on the bike.
Tasha and her husband Jason rode their very cool BMX bikes to the clinic, and along the way she picked up a goathead in her tire. This made for a perfect opportunity to learn a new skill, and she proved to be a quick study by rapidly changing the flat.
Kristy, who surprisingly has never changed a flat before, was very confident with her new ability when the evening was over.
Jodi, who mostly rides her road bike, did a great job changing the tire on a mountain bike wheel.
Jared ripped right through his flat tire fix. Good job Jared! I think he will now have a new chore to do at home… repairing his Dad’s flat tires.
Even the riders’ in attendance who have extensive cycling experience
(or over-inflated egos) learned some new tricks.
Thanks Denis, for kicking off Bike Month, and for teaching a very informative clinic.
Clinic for next Thursday: Roadside Bicycle Repair.
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