Google Map with lanes and routes

I have been working on adding bicycle lane and route information for Carson City to Google Maps. Most of it is based on the Carson City Bicycle Route Map, published by Muscle Powered. Though the entries are certainly not complete, there are enough there that you might want to try a “Get Directions.” Put in your from and to, click the bicycle icon, and then Get Directions. If you want to look at the routes which have been entered, select the “More…” menu item and click the bicycling layer. The solid lines are supposed to be bicycle lanes and the dotted lines bicycle routes. The darkest lines are off-street multi-use paths, though I’m not sure why they are darker since this is not one of the categories in Google’s bicycle layer.
I have a list of about 20 additional routes which I’ve already submitted, though all the bicycle lanes should already be in. I’m not responsible for the incorrect Route 6 / Linear Parkway – someone else did that and I’m trying to get it corrected. If you find something you want in, you can submit a report yourself, though you can also ask me to do so. I’m keeping track of what I’ve already submitted and when it gets corrected or added. It usually takes about six weeks for the corrections/additions to show up, but it is sometimes faster.
At any rate, please comment on what you think of this capability.