Muscle Powered’s Kelly Clark recently worked the Bicycle Valet at the 3rd Street Farmers Market. Here’s what she had to say…
Wow! We were full up most of the day at the Farmer’s Market today. A couple of families showed up, we signed up five memberships (mostly renewals) and received $16 in tips! The kids love the USE YOUR FEET pins and stickers.
Below is the picture John Aragon took at one point. The rack fully filled up three or four times!

Bikes at the 3rd Street Farmers MarketFarmers Market Bicycle Valet

John has a great tan from his recent bike trip to UTAH! And of course for me it was a gabfest about safety and encouraging everyone to come to our MEMBERSHIP PICNIC ON JULY 16! From 3-5:30 p.m. Donn and I will lead a short walk/mtn bike ride to Mexican Ditch. From 5:30-7 fun and games and grilling on the barbeque at the RED HOUSE at SILVER SADDLE RANCH. Hope it is cool in the shade! Croquet and volley ball (maybe-still need a good net, mine is bad!)
It was lots of fun to see people enjoying the scene.
If you haven’t been to the Farmers Market yet, ride on down and take advantage of Muscle Powered’s Bike Valet!  We’ll be there all summer.