The Kids Bike Safety Rodeo was held on Saturday, and it was a success! The event, held at the Pony Express Pavilion at Mills Park, ran from 9 AM to Noon, and had a steady flow of kids the entire time. This event was largely put on by Bill Story’s NDOT crew, but also had a volunteers from Muscle Powered, WE CAN!, the Carson High School Environmental Club led by Cheryl Macy, and even a few Bike Carson people.

Kids Bike Safety Rodeo
Safety Inspection Station

Jennifer Richardson got the Starbucks coffee flowing, and Muscle Powered’s Donna Inversion monitored the entrance, checking the kids in and out of the Pavilion. I indulged on the coffee and was heavily caffeinated, ready for the assembly line of bikes to be inspected. Jason Gardner and I manned the safety inspection area, and checked each bike for problems. We didn’t find too many loose bolts, but we pumped up a lot of tires, straightened valve stems, and adjusted brakes. One bike needed a tube replacement, so I sent the parent to the bike shop for an “18 inch” tube. I’m glad I looked at the sidewall, because I’ve never heard of that size before. There were a few bikes that were in REALLY bad shape. We were only supposed to adjust things, not be a repair shop; however, Jason took on one really big project that I think he actually had running at the end.
NDOT gave out bicycle helmets to the kids who didn’t have one, or who had helmets that didn’t fit well. NDOT even had loaner bikes for the many kids who showed up without a bike. The loaner bikes were on the tall side for the average rider, so next year we will have to remember to bring some smaller bikes. One child was way too small for a loaner bike, but his parents didn’t speak English. Luckily a five year old kid translated for me! This was a challenge I did not expect.

Kids Bike Safety Rodeo
Jason Gardner Learns How to Stop

Kristy Moser, Tasha Gardner, and Jesse Richardson were the Bike Carson folks out on the obstacle course directing the kids through the challenges. Each challenge was designed to develop the skills kids need to be safe when out on the street. All the kids were having a good time, and were enthusiastic students.
I was quite pleased at how the event turned out, and there weren’t a whole lot of things I would change. It was a lot of fun, and it was very rewarding to help out the kids. Thanks again to the Bike Habitat for the prize donation and the tune-up tips! And of course a big thank you to all the other local merchants that provided prizes and refreshments, helping to make this a nice event.
The Nevada Appeal was on site, and did a nice writeup in the Sunday edition. You can view the article by clicking HERE.